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High-efficiency two component sealant extruder
High-efficiency two component sealant extruder

sealant extruder machine is used to produce hollow glass, glass curtain wall sealing adhesive equipment

sealant extruder machine is used to produce hollow glass, glass curtain wall sealing adhesive equipment, it adopts domestic priority technology R&D to meet high efficient, high-volume production needs in doors , windows, curtain walls and glass deep-processing enterprises.The A component pump and B component pump adopts pneumatic drive system. Electrical control system adopts a contactless control, reversing is sensitive and reliable, its unique adjustable proportioning mechanism, utmost ground assures bi-component sealant almost harsh requirements of proportioning ratio, glue a continuous uniform coating effect is good, the production efficiency is high.Excellent quality and reliability, supplemented by a key mechanism components using high strength stainless steel after heat treatment process from refining, the bi-component coating machine reliability and durability greatly improved ,the curing agent system is provided with a filter device, improves the uniformity and curing performance, system is also provided with a pipe high pressure safety protection device, the operation and the use of more security. The system is a closed system, put an end to the air and avoid contact with air, curing agent and curing, to ensure that the media flow stability. The glue coating machine base material pump, curing agent pump than the column of high pressure pump valve adopts zero leakage of special alloy grinding manufacture, has a unique and convenient adjustable proportioning mechanism, supplemented by two kinds of component proportion detection system, the maximum guarantee bi-component sealant almost harsh prescription requirements. The machine mixing system adopts the international popular stationary reciprocating mixer, imports of mixed mandrel, coupled with a unique structure needle valve, so that mix more evenly, the special elastic material to make the dispensing nozzle hollow glass production more convenient, simple and elegant.

Mixing ratio

6:1-14 :1


20 MPa

A drum

55 gallons

B drum

5 gallons

Diameter of A platen


Diameter of B platen




Pneumatic pressure

0.5-0.8 MPa

Overall dimension


Total weight



High-efficiency two component sealant extruder

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