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Polyacrylamide There are four types of products: cation , anion, non-ion and amphoteric ion type.



Item                                 Index

                                N      A      C       AP

Appearence                    White granulated powder

Effective matter content, %        90     90     90     90

Molecular weight, million  2-10  12min.7-10         3-10

Dissolution Time , Hour           1-2    0.5-1 0.5-1 0.5-1

Ion Degree                      3max20-30 10-80         --

Mainly Usage

Polyacrylamide is a linear water-soluble polymer with high molecular weight. It is mainly used for: solid-liquid separation in mineral separation, metallurgy, chemical and food industries, etc.; the sewage treatment of iron and steel, textile, paper-making, chemical and pharmaceutical industries, etc.; the drilling in oil industry and enhancing in oil recovery; as retention reagent and filter aid, reinforcing agent in paper-making; the treatment and purification of urban sewage and potable water.


    Compared with the products of powder type, colloid type and emulsion type, water-medium dispersing type polyacrylamide has the following advantages:

    1. It dissolves faster, consumes less energy, has better anti-shearing property than powder type product without powder pollution when used;

    2. It has higher concentration and lower viscosity, dissolves faster than colloid type product with easier operation.

    3. Compared with emulsion type product, the biggest advantage is that there is no mineral oil and surface-active agent in it and therefore there is no secondary pollution to the environment.


    1. Before being used, PAM should be dissolved into solution of 0.1-0.5% with clean water and it dissolves at normal atmospheric temperature. When water temperature is higher than 60 degree C, it will probably be degraded.

    2. To ensure complete dispersion of the product when being dissolved, PAM should be added slowly into rotating water, not too fast, otherwise the speed of dissolution will be affected or the pipes will be blocked up because of incomplete dissolution.

    3. When PAM is being dissolved, the stirring speed should not be too fast, the linear velocity of the end of the stirring paddle should be less than 8 m/s. The dissolving equipment and transport pipes should not be made of iron because iron ions can catalyze the degradation of high polymer chains.

    4. Centrifugal pumps should not be used for the transport of the solution so as to prevent the machinery from being sheared and degraded.

    5. The solution should be used soon after being prepared. It will be degraded if it is placed too long and the function will be affected.

Packing and Storage

    Packed with barrels or jars of various sizes according to the request of the customers. The product should be stored in shady and cool places, away from sunlight. The product is valid for 6 months.


PAM is non-poisonous and non-corrosive. If it is stuck to the skin, eye or inhaled into the mouth, water should be used in time to rinse it out.


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