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Tourmalin for Bath
Tourmalin for Bath

1. purificant of water. 2. purificant of air. 3. good for human body. 4. easy to use.

Positive Effects of Tourmaline:

Mineralizes Water - Tourmaline is thought to be effective in removing the foul odor from drinking water by altering the

bad-smelling component of chlorine.

Alkalinizes Water and Body Fluids - Tourmaline can also make water slightly alkaline. Because tropical fish favor such

 an environment, it is beneficial for them to have their fish tanks lined with tourmaline. Worn directly on the body,

tourmaline also adjusts body fluids to a slightly alkaline pH, which is optimal for health.

Suppresses Electromagnetic Fields - In recent years, tourmaline has been closely investigated for its potential to

 counteract the effects of electromagnetic fields, which are thought to be harmful. Researchers suspect that the weak

electric current generated by tourmaline suppresses electromagnetic fields in the immediate environment.

Fights Bacteria and Maintains Freshness - Tourmaline has been shown to have antibacterial and deodorizing effects

when placed in refrigerators and cars. In addition, tourmaline prevents foul smells from being absorbed into a variety

of materials. Surfactant Properties - Because of its surfactant (detergent) properties, tourmaline enhances cleaning

effectiveness and prevents dirt adhesion.

Health Effects - Worn on the body, tourmaline is thought to prevent cholesterol coagulation and build-up in blood vessels.

Cells throughout the body are invigorated and immune function is enhanced by tourmaline. It is also thought to purify the

blood, stimulate the autonomic nervous system, calm overexcited sympathetic nerves, and promote sound sleep.

Generates Negative Ions & Far Infrared Rays - The tourmaline granules in Ki Flow Ion Therapy Jewelry can be effective

in treating neck stiffness and other conditions, because the weak electric current and far infrared rays that they generate

improve circulation. In addition, tourmaline's electrolytic properties cause it to emit negative ions, which are thought to

have multiple healing effects on the mind and body.

Tourmalin for Bath

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