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forged gate globe valve
forged gate globe valve

Forged high pressure valve for extreme enviroment applicatin

Sea water,Fresh water,Air,Crude oil andfinished oil WOG that temperature is higher than 300C,  trim material choosen according to enviroment Valve Trim MaterialsDescription and General Use13% ChromiumStainless SteelType 410This stainless steel material lends itself tohardening by heat treatment and is excellent forcontacting parts such as stems, gates and discs.13% ChromiumStainless SteelType 416High-quality stainless steel yoke nut material havingexcellent anti-galling characteristics for betteroperating threads.18% Chromium8% Nickel2% MolybdenumStainless SteelType 316Type 316LProvides excellent resistance to corrosive media athigh temperatures and toughness for service at lowtemperatures.Nickel-CopperMonelAlloy K500This wrought material is precipitation hardened andpossesses excellent corrosion resistance, highstrengthproperties and hardness for internal valve components.MonelAlloy 400Non-hardened alloy, except by work hardened, thathas high strength and toughness over a widetemperature range. Has excellent corrosionresistance in chlorine and alkyation service.Alloy 20Alloy 20 is corrosion resistant to hot sulfuric acidswhen compared to austenitic stainless steels such assuch as 316 or 317.Description and General UseCobalt Baseand Nickel BaseHard-Facing MaterialsHard-facing materials, when used on seating surfacesof Gate, Globe and Check Valves, give extendedservice life and trouble-free operation.Nickel-Moly-ChromiumHastelloy C-276A high-nickel alloy with exceptional resistance tocorrosive attack by chlorine gas.Precipitation-Hardened Stainless SteelGrade 630 17-4 PHProvides corrosion resistance and high strength forstems in NACE applications.S-MonelGrade M-25SMaterial used for Monel castings.ASTM A743, Grade CA-15Material used for 13 CR castings. The cast equivalent to type 410 stainless steel.Cast CobaltRCoCr-AMaterial used for cobalt castings. The cast equivalentto Stellite #6.Cast 316Grade CF8MMaterial used for 18-8 castings.Inconel 625Material is used for its high strength, excellent fabricability(including joining) and outstanding corrosion resistance.Incoloy 825Material is a nickel-iron-chromium alloy with additions ofmolybdenum, copper and titanium. The alloy’s chemicalcomposition is designed to provide exceptionalresistance to many corrosive environments.

forged gate globe valve

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