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Portable best cellulite removal bio slim cavitation machine(EG8.0)
Portable best cellulite removal bio slim cavitation machine(EG8.0)

ISO9001,CE 1 year warranty 20 years experiences 40Khz&80Khz strong ultrasonic cavitation probes High visible effect

Portable best cellulite removal bio slim cavitation machine(EG8.0 )

General introduction:

Fatness, a stumbling block of hindering the women to pursuit the beauty, the incubus of making the women torture but no way to change it. Usually when the Calories is overabundance, it will change into fat, and store up in the subcutaneous layer or all around the viscera, beside the adipose layer is too thick and the fat includes heart or it comes into being hepatic adipose infiltration.In the modern life, the fatness is being the chronic, and evolve all kinds of side-effect,and what are the reasons that cause people to be fat ?

The intrinsic factor of the fatness: 1. The maladjustment of internal secretion :the hormone excreted unnormally, the menses is out of the order,and the constipation etc.

2. The inheritance:when the parents'weight is normal ,the probability of children being fatness is 7%; when one of their parents'weight is beyond the normal,the probability of children being fatness is 40%,when both of their parents'weight is beyond the normal, the probability of children being fatness is 80%.

3. The physiological fatness : That is, satiety central hypothalamus by drugs and surgical destruction of chemical substances without satiety sense, which make people constantly want to eat and then cause the obesity.

The extrinsic factor of the obesity:

1. The mental factor: all kinds of pressure ,emotion and melancholy lead people want to eat to get the self-comfort.

2. The repast habit: Bad repast habits from childhood and unhealthy habits.

3. Job Factor: such as: social intercourse, long-term lack of exercise.

4. The transformation of the physical activity: a result of lower basal metabolic.

Functions:1. Replace and exceed liposuction by surgery.

2. Tighten flabby skin.

3. Repair striae gravidarum.

4. Relax muscles, alleviate the muscle cramps, alleviate pain of muscle.

5. Lose weight and slimming (rapid elimination of fat, waist and abdomen shaped, buttocks-shaped, leg-shaped).

Features:Non-surgical, non-invasive, non-bleeding.

Painless, seamless, non-invasive.

Short time for treatment,no need for recovery.

High visible effect,no need to be moderate in eating.

Not influence normal living and working.


1. Adopt the top ultrasonic liposuction technique in the world. 2. Suitable for all kinds of skin. 3. Comfortable, painless, woundless during the treatment. 4. Easy to operation. 5. Non- exhaustion, low cost investment and quick high return.

The package will be included:

1 40Khz cavitation probe

1 80Khz caviattion probe

1 power cord

1 manual

2 fuse

Technical parameters:

Voltage: 110/220V,50/60HZ

Output power:~30W

Power consuption:~50W

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Portable best cellulite removal bio slim cavitation machine(EG8.0)

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