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Visible Spectrophotometer 1600G
Visible Spectrophotometer 1600G

1.Visible Spectrophotometer 1600G 2.Wavelength range:320-1100nm,autoscan,Slit width:4 nm 3.Wavelength accuracy:1nm

Visible Spectrophotometer 1600G

All spectrophotometers feature high performance sealed optics mounted on a stable machined platform. The innovative optical layout and state of C-T monochromator with high grade blazed holographic grating ensure accuracy. Its integrated design assures long-term stability and durability. All spectrophotometer are intended to be utilized for research, development, quality control, etc. primarily in the fields of optical materials, semiconductors, new materials, electronics and so on through qualitative and quantitative analyses of samples diverse in kind and size. The comprehensive features, optional sophisticated powerful software, variety of accessories and model configurations will meet or exceed your expectations for performance and value.1. Features: a The spectrophotometers perform built-in wavelength calibration program automatically after energization. Core components will be check during the initialization to ensure the wavelength accuracy and excellent performanceb Pre-aligned tungsten lamp for easy lamp replacement. c The innovative optical layout ensures accuracy. Its integrated design assures long-term stability and durability. The precisely aligned detector and quality deuterium and halogen lamps enhance the precision.d Perform basic mode( Abs / %T), quantitativee Pre-set wavelength program (4 wavelengths), and one-touch key responsef Single-point curve calibration and multi-point curve calibration (up to 12 points)g Display of fitting degree of curve fitting and concentration data with up to 50 sets of curve parameters storageh Display of concentration data with up to 200 sets of data storagei Dark current calibration / wavelength calibration/System clock managementj Backup battery and integrated circuit design controlled by MCU assure non-volatile memory storagek USB data communicationl LPT port for printingm 128*64 LCD screen to display all of the parametersn Sealed and solvent-resistant tactile keypad 

2. Features for spectrum software (Optional):

Basic Mode



Absorbance, %T or Concentration measurements.


Up to 15 wavelengths can be selected and multiple samples can be measured. (Auto cell changer is required to run multiple samples automatically).

Quantitative (Standard Curve)

Use up to 12 standards to establish standard curve.

Four methods for fitting a curve:

a. Linear fit

b. Linear through zero

c. Square fit

d. Segmented


Wavelength Scanning

Interval: 0.1, 0.2, 0.5, 1, 2, 5 nm

Automatically record peaks and valleys.

Post-run manipulation and processing includes:

a. Re-scaling axes, curve

b. Smoothing, combination, zooming, overlap

c. 1st to 3rd derivative

Kinetics (Abs vs. Time)

The Kinetics mode may be used for time course scanning or reaction rate calculations. Abs. vs. time graphs is displayed on the screen in real time. Wait time, measurement time and time intervals may be entered. Post-run manipulation includes re-scaling, curve tracking and selection of the part of the curve required for the rate calculation. Rate is calculated using a linear regression algorithm before multiplying by the entered factor.




C-T type, 1200 L/mm grating


Silicon detector for visible region


128*64 LCD, Blue color

Light source

Tungsten lamp(2000h, 20W/12V)

Wavelength range

320-1100 nm, autoscan

Wavelength accuracy

±1.0 nm

Wavelength calibration

Automatic at start

Wavelength display

0.1 nm

Slit width

 4 nm

Wavelength repeatability

0.5 nm

Measurement range

-1.0 ~ 200.0%T, -0.5 ~ 3.000Abs, 0 ~ 9999 C, 0 ~ 9999 F

Photometric accuracy

 ±0.5 %T (0 100%T)

Photometric repeatability

±0.2 %T

Stray light

 0.3 %T (at 360 nm)

Baseline flatness




Data output

Digital, USB port, LPT parallel

Spectrum Software



110V 10% 60Hz 60VA

Standard sample holder

4-position sample holder

Actual dimensions

456 W X 375 D X 220 H mm, (18.0 W x 14.8 D x 8.7 H in)

Net weight

13.0 Kg (28.5 lbs)

Shipping dimensions

18.5 Kg (40.5 lbs)

Visible Spectrophotometer 1600G

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