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CHIIB Epoxy Resin Insulation Three-phase Dry-type Transformer SC(B)10-30~20000/35
CHIIB Epoxy Resin Insulation Three-phase Dry-type Transformer SC(B)10-30~20000/35

1.Epoxy Resin Insulation Dry-type Transformer 2.CHIIB Three-phase 3.SC(B)10-30~20000/35 4.Easy installation and maintenance

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Here is the detailed info for  CHIIB SC(B)10-30~20000KVA/35KV, hope you like it.

CHIIB Epoxy Resin Insulation Three-phase Dry-type Transformer SC(B)10-30~20000/35.


Customer can order the dry type transformer which always include a case ( stainless steel case ). But, he can order the Ontology too. The transformer within 110KVA ~ 10KVA is without fan and temperature controlling, as its lower power and lower speed temperature rising.

First, the specification:


Model implication: SC(B)10-30~20000/35

S -------------------------------- Three-phase

C -------------------------------- Epoxy resin insulation

B -------------------------------- Low voltage case coil

10 ------------------------------- Performance level

30~20000 --------------------- Rated capacity (KVA)

35 ------------------------------- Rated voltage (KV)


The series of epoxy cast dry-type transformers value high-quality materials, formulation science,

advanced manufacturing and testing equipment is made according to strict production process. Products with high reliability and long life characteristics. Depending on the use of the environment, can be configured to different levels of protection or do not configure the shell casing. For high-rise buildings, commercial centers, airports, tunnels, chemical plants, nuclear power plants, ships and other important places or special environment.


1. Security, fire, pollution-free, can be run directly on the load center.  

2. HTT using German technology, high mechanical strength, resistance to short-circuit capability, partial discharge, thermal stability, high reliability and life of plants. 

3. Low loss, low noise, energy-saving effect, maintenance-free.  

4. Thermal performance, overload capability, forced air cooling can increase the capacity to run.

5. Moisture resistant, and adapt to high humidity and other harsh environments.  

6. Can be equipped with temperature monitoring and improve the protection system.

7. Temperature control system using intelligent signal, automatically monitor and display three-phase winding road of their operating temperature, can automatically start and stop the fan, and has an alarm, trip and other functions set.  

7. Small size, light weight, small footprint, low cost of installation.  

8. High quality cold-rolled silicon steel core, 45-degree miter joints ladder structure, the use of three core cut to the corner two red and five cross-cutting process step ladder and stacked cut sheet iron craft, improved the seams of the flux distribution, reducing the core of the vibrational energy.

9. One core to the surface with insulating resin curing and sealing process, effectively reducing the load loss, load flow and core noise.  

10. High voltage coil insulation class F high-quality wire and advanced insulation materials around the system, with a larger capacity cooling coil along the axial airway.

11. This structure has good resistance to current impact, temperature resistant, anti-cracking and excellent heat dissipation.

12. Multi-level sub-cylindrical structure, strong ability to withstand over-voltage and low partial discharge level.

13. Coil fitted after the casting mold by vacuum drying, the whole process of casting and curing process in accordance with pre-programmed to complete the curve, precise process control to ensure that the coil no holes, holes.  

14. Foil using low-voltage coil structure, effectively low-voltage, high current coil ampere-turns using wire-wound type of imbalance, but there is no axial foil coil winding turns and axial spiral angle, effectively eliminating transformer short-circuit axial force to ensure that the coil current density within the high voltage ring load can be distributed freely along the axial adjustment to reduce the sudden short-circuit when the low radial force.

15. After winding the coil end of the curing resin seal, to avoid the entry of foreign matter and moisture.

Conditions of Use:  

1. Meet the following requirements for the normal conditions of use conditions:  

a. Altitude  

Altitude less than 1000m.  

b. Temperature   

The maximum daily average temperature +40 °C  

The highest annual average temperature +20 °C  

Minimum temperature of -25 °C (for outdoor type transformers) 

Minimum temperature of -5 °C (for indoor type transformer) 

2.  Special conditions of use conditions  

a. Altitude 

Altitude more than 1000m. 

b. Temperature  

The maximum temperature +45 °C 

Minimum temperature of -25 °C

3. Power supply voltage waveform  Supply voltage sine wave shape.  

4. Symmetry of multi-phase power supply  Multi-phase transformer is connected to the supply voltage should be approximately symmetrical.

Product Standard:

1. GB/T 10228-1997

2. GB6450-1986

3. JB/T 1088-2004

4. GB4208-1993


Products ability to withstand thermal shock, over-load capacity, flame retardant, fire resistance.

Our Factory:

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A Fast Delivery + Satisfied Customer Service Is Our NO.1 Priority!

1, Our goal is to provide you the right product and make you satisfied, so please don't hesitate to contact us via tel or mail.

2, We shall find for you the cheapest shipping term and show you the freight and shipping time.  Regarding to the urgent order, a quickest shipping term and freight will be advised to you for consideration.

3, The stock info will be informed before your order, to make everything under control.

4, Price could be negotiated for more and large quantity.

Shipping & Duties

Usually, shipping will be arranged within 2-3 days upon payment or deposit, from Monday to Saturday only.

The importing tax and duty will be paid by purchaser, as they are not included in the order.   


To assure you the maximum comfort and satisfaction, Currently, you can pay via T/T,L/C, WESTERN UNION,PAYPAL or through Visa, MasterCard via Ali Express Escrow. More payment options will be added in the near future.

After-sale service 

All of the products we sell are with a certain time warranty, during the warranty, anything wrong with it, like no working,an unstable output voltage or current, damaged, my corporation will be responsible to fix it well for free and re-send it to the clients. But, the delivery cost should be paid by purchaser himself. 

We will be very glad to provide the assistance during your installation and application at any time.

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CHIIB Epoxy Resin Insulation Three-phase Dry-type Transformer SC(B)10-30~20000/35

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