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YAG metal laser cutter DW1325
YAG metal laser cutter DW1325

NC movement very stable Easily adjusting and fixing . Classical design for art work engraving CE cetification

High precision: applicable for cutting precision parts, calligraphy and painting.

2. Fast speed: its speed is 100 times more than line cutting.

3.Small heat-affected zone, not easy to metamorphose, cutting edge is smooth and beautiful, no need to do after-process.

4.High performance/price ratio: Its price is only 1/3 of similar performance CO2 laser cutting machines and 2/5 of CNC punch machines.

5. Low using cost: its using cost is only 1/8 to 1/10 of similar performance CO2 laser cutting machines about RMB18 for each hour, however the using cost of the CO2 laser cutting machines is about RMB150-180 each hour.

6. Low maintenance cost: only 1/10 to 1/15 of similar CO2 laser cutting machines and 1/3 to 1/4 of similar performance cnc punch machines.

7.Steady performance can ensure the continual production. Solid YAG laser equipment is one of the most steady and mellow products in the laser field.

8.Compare to CNC router, YAG laser cutting machine have following advantage.

(1)Can process various complex structures, any image drawing by computer, can be processed by this machine

(2)No need to open mode. Only need design the file from computer, then the product can come out immediately. Can quickly develop new products, and save the cost.

(3)YAG cutting machine with automatic tracking system, is able to complete the flat cut and a variety of uneven surfaces cut

 (4)Those complex technical requirements can not completed by the CNC machine, this YAG laser cutting machine can do it well.

(5)Can produce the products with smooth surface in high grade. But CNC machine is hard to achieve.

(6)Molding body (less than 0.5 m thick) need the hole trench processing. CNC machine can not handle it, but YAG laser cutting machine is workable.


 Model number


 working area


machine size


Max. cutting thickness

 4mm( carbon steel)

Max. output power


laser wavelength


Pulse Frequency


Minimum line width




X,Y,Z axis geometry position accuracy


X,Y,Z axis Resetting position accuracy


Whole machine Weight


Cooling mode

 7P water cooling system

YAG metal laser cutter DW1325

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