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Autolyzed yeast
Autolyzed yeast

It can regulate the body into more health condition,balance the nutrition condition,control body weight without feeling pain

        This product use high quality yeast as raw material,processed by autolysis to break down cell wall, then by deep liquid fermentation and spray drying.It contains abundant protein and all kinds of the essential amino acides of human body,Bs vitamins,dietary fiber and glucan.It can regulate the body into more health condition,balance the nutrition condition,control body weight without feeling pain,and keep the body in dynamism.


Resupplying and balancing the body with usual lacing nutrition.Regulating microbiology environment in gastrointestinal,prevent illness.Eliminating fatigue,charging dynamism,improving working and studying efficiency.Prevent obesity ,keep body in good shape.





Light yellow to yellow powder

Artial size

100 pass 100 mesh

Crude protein,%   ≥


Ash,%                  ≤


Moisture,%          ≤


Amino,%              ≥


Peptides,%          ≥


Yeast nucleotide,  ≥


Benefits of autolysed yeast in animal feed:

     Increase food intake ,promote animal intestine development ,improve the animal shape .

     Ingredient and benefits in the autolysed yeast

     Nutritional yeast petide:nutritional function,improve the utilization of trace elements;Yeast nucleotide: the maintenance of normal function of the immune system,intestine growth and development;Yeast cell wall;the immune efficacy of toxin adsorption;Complex flavor substances:increase food intake.

For pig feed:

      Add 3-6KG/T feed, can ease the stress on conservation of weaned piglets(diarrhea,etc.),to improve their feeding intake,active gastrointestinal function,improve daily gain. For finishing pigs,add 3KG/T feed,can significantly improve finishing pig feed intake,for long-term feeding can increase the utilization of their feed, improve their skin and hair. To better their shape.

For aquatic animals:

      Seedings of adding 50-100KG/Tfeed, combing with artificial or nature bait,can improve the survival rate of seedings 10 to 20%,improve feed conversion of 10to 20%,increase the total production of 10 to 10%;

For the culture of plankton and other live bait:for training rotifers,feeding 30~60g/million(in6~8times)

Product from: Powder

Package : 500/bag aluminum foil bag,25KG/Bag kraft paper bag.Stored in cool and dry place.

Shelf-life: :food grade 12 months ,feed grade 24 months.

Autolyzed yeast

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