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Auto Body Car Fast Repair Equipment Quick Fixing Line
Auto Body Car Fast Repair Equipment Quick Fixing Line

1.certificate:CE 2.can be designed as requirement 3.safe, energy saving, economical

Specification for Spray Booth YS-20


Inside dimension


Outside dimension


Main door

2600 mm(W×H), made by bending steel without cover frame, , colour : blue.

Escape door

1 unit, 650×1800mm(W×H), colour: white.


Galvanized steel assemble, 300mm high, quadrate steel support, 2000mm/pc.

Wall Panels

Thickness: 50mm, width:1150mm, tongue and groove structure, 0.376mm colour steel with 50mm thick polystyrene (EPS) insulation inside, colour: white.

Lighting system

 Ceiling Lights: 8Units×3Pcs=24Pcs×36W, with electronic holders, lighting boxes are made by colour steel

 Generator setting

 Intake air from back upper direction, exhaust air from back upper direction galvanized steel molding frame; white coated steel outside, galvanized steel inside, filled with heat preservation material in the middle.

 Intake and Exhaust air system

2×3KW double-intake centrifugal fans for intake air, model YDW4.5M1, air capacity for each fan: 10500m3/h.

Exhaust air system is optional.

Heating system

 BT18 diesel burner, stainless steel heat exchanger, electric damper actuates from spraying to baking cycle. Max. heating productivity: 180000Kcal/h..

Filtering system

 Pre-filter, ceiling filter, exhaust fibreglass filter

Roof Plates

Galvanized steel plates

 Control system

 Spraying, heat spraying, baking, time setting, lighting switch, failure indicator, thermostat, power supply switch, emergency stop, hour meter. All motors are normal start.


Technical Parameters of Spray Booth YS-20

Inside Dimension: (mm)

6900×3900×2650mm L×W×H

Outside Dimension: (mm)

7000×5350×3400mm L×W×H

Width of Entrance: (mm)


Height of Entrance: (mm)


Escape Door Dimension: (mm)


Intake Air Fan Capacity: (m3/h)


Exhaust Air Fan Capacity: (m3/h)


Free Air Speed: (m/s)


Frequency of Air Exchange: (time/h)


Maximum Working Temperature: ()


Max. Heating Productivity: (kcal/h)


Illumination: (Lux)


Air Filter Efficiency:


Noise: db(A)


Total Power: (KW)


                                 Specification for Prep Station YS-300-C


Outside Dimension


Inside Dimension


Plenum Dimension



300mm galvanized steel basement, full grilles made by flat bar and round steel then galvanized. 2 ramps, external setting, 2000×750mm(L×W), surface is painted.

Room Body

Back side with 50mm EPS wall panels, the other 3 sides with PVC curtains;

Lighting System

Ceiling lights 8units×4pcs=32pcs 36W, with electronic ballasts,5.0mm clear tempered glass;

Generator Setting

Exhaust air from rear side; galvanized steel molding frame, white coated steel cover.

Intake and Exhaust Air System

5.5KW double intake centrifugal fan for intake air, 5.5KW double intake centrifugal fan for exhaust air, model YDW-4.5S, air capacity is 15500 m3/h, with manual damper for exhaust air.

Heating System

RIELLO G10 oil burner, stainless steel heat exchanger. Max. heating productivity: 100000 Kcal/h.

Filter System

Pre-filter, high efficiency filter, exhaust fiberglass filter.

Roof Plates

Galvanized steel plates

Control System

Fan operation switch, lighting switch, temperature controller, emergency stop

Setting Style

Suspending steel hook from roof of building or steel column supporting.



                             Technical Parameters of YS-300-C


Outside Dimension: (mm)


Inside Dimension: (mm)


Intake air Capacity: (m3/h)


Exhaust air Capacity: (m3/h)


Free Air Speed: (m/s)


Frequency of Air Exchange: (time/h )


Max. Working Temperature


Max. Heating Productivity


Illumination: (Lux)


Efficiency of Air Filtration:


Noise: dB(A)


Total Power: (KW)




Auto Body Car Fast Repair Equipment Quick Fixing Line

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