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Anti-static Clean Silk Coverall
Anti-static Clean Silk Coverall

This product is used in the electronics industry and medicine, food, health,clean room,surgical room and other industries.

Anti-static Clean Silk Coverall/WorkWear


    This product is used in the electronics industry and medicine, food, health and other industries.Clean silk is woven from filament means, and in the middle interval, such as embedded conductive textile filament, conductive filament in whole or in part refers to the use of metal or conductive material such as carbon black made, the surface resistance 10/CM below a diameter less than 100um long conductive fibers   Clean silk fabric density is greater than ordinary silk fabrics, can not afford to meet the hair, can not ball, do not shed fibers, not dust, dust impenetrable, good air tightness   Clean clothes-free filler, non-adhesive, so non-masonry materials. The surface is very smooth and clean clothes to prevent the adhesion of solid dust particles. After finishing as waterproof, but also anti-sputtering inorganic chemical solution, attached.Density: ≥ 244TShrinkage: ≥ 2%Water rates:< 30L/m2 ·S

Dust efficiency:> 99%Electrical Properties:Level <3μC/m22 <5μC/m2Three <7μC/m2Fabrics to meet the 10 -30 10000 need clean clothes, to GB12059-89, SJ/T110990-96 standards

Anti-static Clean Silk Coverall

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