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Bamboo roof sheeting,plastic roof tile,fiberglass roof tile
Bamboo roof sheeting,plastic roof tile,fiberglass roof tile

Environmental protection and energy conservation,Corrison resistance,Impact and low temperature resistance.long life

      We introduces the international advanced co-extrusion technology and applies the first class equipment to produce this kind of new roof tile. The surface film is PMMA material , which is a kind of super highly anti-wea thering engineering resin material manufactured by ATOGLAS company in France.

1.Environmental protection and enercy conservation

It is a kind of environmental-friendly, energy conservation and recycling building material popular in developed and developing countries.

2.Color lasting

The super high anti-weathering engineering resin manufactured by ATOGLAS in France is selected as the surface material , which has extra lasting performancein the natural environment. Even it is exposed in the conditions of ultra violet ray,moisture, high and low temperature for a long term, it still can maintain the stability of the color. According to the outdoor service result in Arizona and Florida in USA which have strong sun shine, it is proved that  E<5 can be guaranteed within 10-15years.

3. Load bearing

PMMA roof tile has very good load bearing performance. No damaged when 150kg is evenly loaded with the support distance being 750mm.

4. Sound and heat isulation

The coefficient of heat conductivity is 0.325w/m.k,which is about 1/3 of clay tile,1/5 of 10-mm-thick cement tile, and 1/2000 of 0.5-mm-thick color-coated steel tile.It can well absorb the noise when influenced by storm,hail and windstorm etc..

5. Stable volume

The expansion coefficient is 4.9x10- 5 °C . The tile has the bi-direction tension performan ce on the geometri c shape design. Even if the temperature changes a lot, the tile expansion can be absorbed by itself to ensure its stable geometric dimension.

6.  Corrosion resistancePMMA roof tile can resist the chemical corrosion of acid, alkali, salt etc. for a long time. The test proves that there is no chemical reaction when dipped in the salt,alkali and below 60% acid.

7. Good water resistanceThe surface material of PMMA is compact and does no absorb water without the problem of water penetration by micro pores. The single sheet of the resin tile is big and there is very few joint on the roof. The connecting point is tightly connected,therefore the tile has the outstanding water resistance performance.

8. Impact resistance and low temperature resistance

Physical test of a 1 kg steel ball freely falls on the tile from 2 meters height without any crack, and there is no damage when the ball falls ten times at low temperature.After 10 freezing and melting cycles, the product has no blow, bubble, stripping andcrack.

9. Light weightThe weight is 6 kg per square meters. Belonging to light structural material, it can effectively reduce the load of the building and save the consumption of building framework materials. In the mean time, it is easy to be handled and lifted, which reduces the construction cost.

10.Difficult to be burned

 The main body material polyvinyl chloride resin, and its chemical performance determines that it is diffi cult to be burned.

Bamboo roof sheeting,plastic roof tile,fiberglass roof tile

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