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SA6T/K Rod End Bearing
SA6T/K Rod End Bearing

SA10T/K,SA12T/K,SA14T/K,SA16T/K PB, PHS, POS, PHSB, POSB, PHSA Rod End Bearing OEM supplier ISO 9001:2008 R&D capability

SA---T/K, PB,PHS, POS, PHSB, POSB, PHSA Rod End Bearing

Male and Female Left and Right hand thread Metric and Inches sizes available





As a professional manufacturer for bearing products with 10 year experience, we can offer wide range of high-precision bearing products, such as female thread, male thread, self-lubricating, combination series and so on. PHS series PHS5 PHS6 PHS8 PHS10 PHS12 PHS14 PHS16 PHS18 PHS20 PHS22 PHS25 PHS28 PHS30 POS series POS5 POS6 POS8 POS10 POS12 POS14 POS16 POS18 POS20 POS22 POS25 POS28 POS30 PHSA series PHSA5 PHSA6 PHSA8 PHSA10 PHSA12 PHSA14 PHSA16 PHSA18 PHSA20 PHSA22 PHSA25 PHSA25 PHSA30 POSA series POSA5 POSA6 POSA8 POSA10 POSA12 POSA14 POSA16 POSA18 POSA20 POSA22 POSA25 POSA28 POSA30 SA...ES series SA5E SA6E SA8E SA10E SA12E SA15ES SA17ES SA20ES SA25ES SA30ES SA35ES SA40ES SA45ES SA50ES SA60ES SA70ES SA80ES SI...ES series SI5E SI6E SI8E SI10E SI12E SI15ES SI17ES SI20ES SI25ES SI30ES SI35ES SI40ES SI45ES SI50ES SI60ES SI70ES SI80ES SIB...F/K Series SIB6F/K SIB8F/K SIB10F/K SIB12F/K SIB17F/K SIB20F/K SIB25F/K SIB30F/K SIB35F/K SAB...F/K Series SAB6F/K SAB8F/K SAB10F/K SAB12F/K SAB15F/K SAB17F/K SAB20F/K SAB25F/K SAB30F/K SAB35F/K PHSAB Series PHSB3 PHSB4 PHSB5 PHSB6 PHSB8 PHSB10 PHSB12 PHSB14 PHSB16 POSB Series POSB3 POSB4 POSB5 POSB6 POSB8 POSB10 POSB12 POSB14 POSB16


In order to pursue more high-quality demand, our company strictly keep the international standard for producing, It has obtained ISO9001:2000 quality system certification so that the corporate quality management is guided to a standard, systematic and documented operation track, Meanwhile, the company constantly introduces advanced automatic manufacturing equipment and test apparatus for high-precision bearings. Professionals and technicians in the bearing industry are attracted to work on the research and development of new products.

SA6T/K Rod End Bearing

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