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Thermal slimming Infrared Body Shaping
Thermal slimming Infrared Body Shaping

Detoxification Thermal slimming Infrared Body Shaping Infrared Body Shaping lose weight, infrared blanket health keeping

Detoxification Thermal slimming Infrared Body Shaping Infrared Body Shapinglose weight, infrared blanket health keeping

Natural infrared radiation is produced by sun, and accounts for the heat component of sunlight. Moreover any body at a temperature above absolute zero emits infrared radiation at a certain wavelength.When the body tissues absorb IR radiation it turns into local heat which spreads to affect neighboring structures. It can therefore be regarded as a thermotherapeutic modality that acts upon different structures depending ontype of IR radiation involved.

1. About Infrared Ray

The research result of life science has shown that the infrared ray is the living source of living beings. Because infrared ray has the similar motion frequency with that of the cell molecule of living beings and its energy will be assimilated by the cell of living beings so as to bring about multiple vibration.

Consequently, it brings on speeding up the molecular moving, activating the cell configuration, promoting the blood circulation as well as accelerating the metabolism. The heat infiltration can reach only 0.5CM under the skin with the normal infrared ray. But it can reach 5-10CM under the skin by using Infrared Thermal Beauty Appliance. It can expand the blood capillary, promote the blood circulation, strengthen the nutrition of cell, and enhance the regeneration ability of cell.

When the infrared ray radiate into body, its energy will be absorbed by skin and the configuration will be turned into physiological effect, which can cause cell configuration temperature increasing, blood vessel expanding, and blood circulation acceleration and partial regeneration reinforcement.

2. Physiological effects of Infrared Thermal Beauty Appliance

Keep fit is workable by doing exercise. But it will reduce stamina and energy.The philosophy effect of far infrared ray can create energy by keeping the cells moving and without wasting stamina. Infrared ray can promote the blood circulation, and enhance metabolism.

Heat of infrared ray can recover consciousness of nerve ending so as to relieve pain. Promote the excretion of sweat and subcutaneous fat with replenishing enough water. This can facilitate the excretion of heavy metals poisonous elements and precipitate inside bodies.

Activate the hormone so as to develop the philosophy function.Reinforce energy and reduce exhaustion by enhancing metabolism and the nutrition utilization.Physiotherapy of intramuscularly and nerve diseases, which has positive function for liver, eliminating the exhaustion of liver and unknown pain.Prevent the development of cancer cells.Eliminate pain and inflammation.Reprocessing function.

3. The Feature of Infrared Thermal Beauty Appliance

The temperature can be controlled and showed in the panelIts function includes weight loss, slimming, removing fats, thermal massage and improving sleep etc.

Thermal energy can make the muscle nerves system move smoothly and promote the metabolism.It can promote the blood circulation, remove the physique aching, promote the skin metabolism and activate the skin pore. The Infrared Thermal can permeate into 3-5cm under the skin.

4. Beauty effects of Infrared Thermal Beauty Appliance

Body shapingThe infrared thermal has strong permeation that can lead the essence oil and nourishment factor etc into under the skin.

SlimmingThe infrared thermal can burn the excess fat in body and then the results will be excluded out of the body with the sweat, to get weight loss, size loss and tightening muscle etc.

Excluding toxinThe infrared thermal can exclude thoroughly the toxin, excess salt and heavy metal etc deposited in the body with the sweat. What's more, it can promote the blood circulation and activate the cell, to enhance the skin spring.

Reducing the press and improving the sleepAfter using the infrared thermal beauty appliance for a few minutes, you will feel fine and comfortable, because it can massage the whole body and relax the tensional nerves and tired muscle.

5. Specifications

Power supply

220V/50Hz AC or 110V/60Hz AC



Operation temperature

5 -40

Safety type


Time setting range


Temperature controlled range

 0 69


80%without condensation

Dimension of slimming blanket

105CM x 200CM( W x L)



Output channel


Thermal slimming Infrared Body Shaping

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