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Refined butyl reclaimed rubber
Refined butyl reclaimed rubber

1.Attractive Price 2.Short Mixing Time 3.Fast Processing 4.Minimise Reversion 5.Low Power Consumption

Refined butyl reclaimed rubber can be used in a variety of ways. There is no limitation to its use if it is prudently incorporated with new rubber, or used on its own appropriately compounded in less demanding areas. It has already proven its worth and versatility in such products or areas as.

· Tyres and retreaded tyres · Inner tubes · Auto mats, mechanical goods and flaps, and floor coverings · Hoses and beltings · Rubber surfacing material, especially asphalt rubber materials used for roads, airport runways, highways and roofings · Sports and recreational surfacing · Sealants, adhesives and tape insulating materials · Toys and many moulded products · Solvent cements and dispersions · Heels, shoe soles and rubber footwear · Electrical plugs and battery boxes ADVANTAGES OF RECLAIM RUBBERAttractive Price:-  The price of reclaimed rubber is low relative to that of Natural Rubber Short Mixing Time:- The mixing time required for reclaimed rubber is less than that for new rubber. This is due to the mechanical and chemical breakdown that it has gone through during the reclaiming process Low Power Consumption:- The Power consumed in mixing reclaim rubber is less than, that consumed in mixing of new rubber Fast Processing:- Reclaim Rubber imparts faster processing during extrusion and calendaring than new rubber. The reclaim rubber is smooth flowing during pressing or calendaring Low Thermoplasticity:- Reclaim rubber is less affected by continued milling and is less thermoplasticity than new rubber. Therefore its compounds hold their shape during processing and cure Reduces Milling and Shrinkage:- The proper use of reclaim rubber minimizes swelling of extruded stocks and shrinkage of calendared stocks. This means that reclaim rubber imparts dimensional stability to uncured stock Minimise Reversion:- Reversion is the undesirable softening of certain over cured or heat aged rubber vulcanized and is sometimes connected with improperly balanced acceleration. Reclaim rubber stocks do not tend to revert Environment Friendly:- Being a consumer of Reclaim rubber, you are contributing to a “Friendly Environment”

Refined butyl reclaimed rubber

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