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silk quilt
silk quilt

silk quilt 100% mulberry silk with 100% cotton fabraic cover. any sizes and colours available.


100% mulberry silk with 100% cotton fabraic cover. any sizes and colours available.

Product characteristicsThe natural silk ingredient is natural protein. It contains a special "Sericin" element which is anti-allergic and skin- comforted. Using such natural silk quilt is capable to enhance health.1.Improving sleep. There are 18 kinds of amino acids in Silk Sericin element. Amino acids release several molecules which are known as "sleep factor." These factors can make peoples nerves stay in a relatively stable condition. There are many advantages if people use silk quilt, such as improving sleep, strengthening the vitality, reducing wrinkles, slowing down aging. 2.Good cold defending and heat preservating characteristics. The silk volume gap ratio is the highest in Silk fibers. Its heat preservation is better than fur and cotton and it will reduce thermal conductivity when it is cool. Meanwhile it can emit excess thermal to maintain a comfortable temperature. So its automated mediation to temperature makes people feel warm in winter and cool in summer. Because of the skin-comforted and soft characteristics of silk, the probability of catching cold when you are sleeping will be observably reduced.3.Nature of anti-mite, anti-bacterial and skin-comforted. Silk Sericin element is not only able to make your skin smooth, but also has the ability to prevent mites and mold growth. It is especially beneficial to people who have hypersensitiveness.4.Ability of removing humidity. Silk protein, exited in the external silk, contains an element called "pro-strength side-chain amino acids". It can absorb and eliminated the moisture in the air in order to keep dry in quilt and maintain a comfortable condition, particularly useful for rheumatic patients.


The way of use1: you should choose the proper weight of silk floss for comfortable sleeping, its basing on the different seasons, temperatures of room and environment. In general, 2.5kg in south area and 3 kg in North area. If you are fear the cold weather you can add to 4 kg.2: Pay attention to the clearness for the silk floss, avoid the pollution. Using the quilt cover.          3: Keep on the good pose of sleeping to avoid pulling the silk floss. Maintain the silk floss good and order inner frame.4: The silk quilt is unsuitable to be used in moist surrounding for long time. In order to avoid silk Sericin going bad, and affect the silk soft, as well as the silk floss paddings loose and comfortableness.


Daily care1: Accumulation: the silk floss should be accumulated in the dry and ventilation place, avoid the high pressure. Avoid harmful influence to the looseness of silk floss.           2:Solarization: in order to keep the health and constant  comfortableness. The silk floss should be solar in the breeze wind and non-burning sun regularly; its usually for 2-3 hours. It cant be sunburned, or the silk will become yellow and rigidity. 3: Washing: forbidding the water washing. you can use little water to brush in case the silk floss was polluted lightly. Then using the electric iron with the mat cloth to dry it in low temperature. But attention to avoid touching on the heat part for long time. We usually wash the quilt cover for the silk floss.

silk quilt

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