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ACSR Conductor (Aluminum Conductor Steel Reinforced)
ACSR Conductor (Aluminum Conductor Steel Reinforced)

1 Material:Galvanized Steel and Aluminum . 2 Strandard:ASTM B232

ACSR cable (Aluminum Conductor Steel Reinforced)

1). Standard: IEC61089, BS215 part2, ASTM B232, DIN48204, BS EN50182

2). Specification: ACSR cable is composed by bare concentric-lay-stranded galvanized steel wire(s) with aluminum wires surrounded by one or more layers of helically. Greased ACSR can also be supplied.

3). Application: ACSR cable is widely used in overhead electric power transmission and distribution lines with various voltage levels.

DescriptionACSR is a composite conductor consisting of seven or more aluminium and galvanized steel wires built up in concentric-lay-stranded layers. The centre core is of galvanized steel and outer layer or layers of aluminium. The steel core may be single wire or stranded wires depending on the size.When required, the interstices of the inner layers can be filled by grease compound which is more suitable for the operating conditions of the conductor.

ApplicationACSR is widely used in overhead electric power transmission and distribution lines with various voltage levels. ACSR provides optimal strength for line design. Variable steel core stranding enables desired strength to be achieved without sacrificing ampacity.

Manufacturing StandardsGB/T 1179-2008, IEC 61089, EN 50182, DIN 48204, BS 215 Part 2, ASTM B232, NF C 34-120

The data sheets below show partial ACSR technical characters based on standard ASTM B232:

Code WordsSizeNo. of wires and   wire diameterApprox. overall diameterLinear massRated StrengthCalculated D.C. resistance at 20oC
AWG / kcmilNo./mmNo./mmmmkg/kmkNkNkNΩ/km
Sparrow26/2.671/2.678.01 135.812.6712.2713.380.8542
Robin16/3.001/3.009.00 171.415.7915.3416.720.6766
Raven1/06/3.371/3.3710.11 216.319.4818.920.680.5362
Quail2/06/3.781/3.7811.34 272.123.5722.8125.440.4262
Pigeon3/06/4.251/4.2512.75 34429.4428.5131.80.3372
Penguin4/06/4.771/4.7714.31 433.337.1435.9440.070.2677
Waxwing266.818/3.091/3.0915.45 429.930.6930.2431.580.2134
Partridge266.826/2.577/2.0016.28 544.350.2648.9252.930.2141
Ostrich30026/2.737/2.1217.28 613.456.4854.7159.60.1898
Merlin336.418/3.471/3.4717.35 542.138.6937.840.030.1692
Linnet336.426/2.897/2.2518.31 688.462.7160.9366.270.1694
Oriole336.430/2.697/2.6918.83 782.276.9574.2882.280.1695
Chickadee397.518/3.771/3.7718.85 639.944.0343.5946.250.1434
Brant397.524/3.277/2.1819.62 760.264.9463.668.490.1432
Ibis397.526/3.147/2.4419.88 811.872.570.2776.50.1435
Lark397.530/2.927/2.9220.44 921.790.2987.1896.520.1439
Pelican47718/4.141/4.1420.70 771.752.4851.5954.710.1189
Flicker47724/3.587/2.3921.49 911.876.574.2880.50.1195
Hawk47726/3.447/2.6721.77 973.586.7384.0692.070.1195

ACSR Conductor (Aluminum Conductor Steel Reinforced)

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