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C9 Aromatic Petroleum Resin for hot melt adhesives
C9 Aromatic Petroleum Resin for hot melt adhesives

C9 Aromatic Petroleum Resin for hot melt adhesives Good compatiblity with different polymersand resins light color,light odor

C9 Hydrocarbon Resin(cold poly)

TYPE: CYL100~140


CYL100~140is a light yellow granular solid thermoplastic resin, it is produced by ethylene C9 fractions as raw materials   in the catalyst, in the normal temperature and normal pressure condition , Generated by the polymerization and the molecular weight range 300-3000 low molecular weight polymer. It has a low acid value, good miscibility, water resistance, resistance to chemicals, ethanol and other characteristics of the acid with a chemically stable, and adjust the viscosity and thermal stability characteristics. C9 petroleum resin is generally not used alone, but as promoters, adjusting agents, modifiers and other resins used together.

Applications: A, Paint: petroleum resin can increase the added paint gloss paint, paint film adhesion, hardness, acid and alkali resistance. B, Tires and rubber: tires and rubber is mainly the use of low softening point of C9 petroleum resin. Such resins and natural rubber particles have a good miscibility of the rubber vulcanization process is not a big impact, add oil and rubber tires can play a tackifying resin, reinforcement, softening effect. C, The adhesives industry: C9 petroleum resin has good adhesion, the adhesive and pressure-sensitive adhesive resin with added oil can improve the adhesive bond strength, acid resistance, alkali resistance and water resistance, and can effectively reduce production costs. D, The ink industry: petroleum resin, ink, mainly high softening point petroleum resin. Add oil and resin ink color development can play, quick-drying and brightening effects and improve printing performance and so on. E Asphalt modifier: asphalt modifier, mainly with high softening point of C9 petroleum resin, increase the viscosity of bitumen to improve asphalt performance, the production of colored surface area; went to the stadium and other sports venues indispensable modified asphalt agent. F, other: resin has certain unsaturation, can be used to glue on paper.

Product specifications:




Test Method








Softening Point

ASTM E28-58








ASTM D-1544



Acid Value

ASTM D-974



Bromine Value

HG2231-91- A



Specific Gravity

ASTM D71-72A


                                            1 .02~1.12

Melt Viscosity

ASTM D3835



(%): ≤0.1

Application: Paint, Ink, Tires and rubber, adhesives ,Asphalt modifier. others: glue on paper

Storage & Defence:They are non-hazardous product,It should be stored in dry and cool place with fire fighting facilities.Far away from fire.sunshine,moisture and pollution.

Packed in 25kgs paper bag, pp bag or paper and pp compounding bags;19MT without pallets or 16MT with pallets for 1*20 FCL.Also can use 800kgs container sack,16MT with pallets for 1*20 FCL


C9 Aromatic Petroleum Resin for hot melt adhesives

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