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Bottom Blowing Plastic Water Saving Drip Irrigation Tape Equipment
Bottom Blowing Plastic Water Saving Drip Irrigation Tape Equipment

1. irrigation equipment 2. material: regenerated material 3. layer:2 4. space: selected by user

SMDGD (L) –II Double-layer Co-extruded Labyrinth Drip Irrigation Pipe Production Line

Its applicable materials are PE raw material and drip irrigation belt regenerated material

Specifications of the products:

Space of the drip irrigation belts (mm): 150, 200, 300, 400, and 600 (selected by the user)

Dripping quantity of the drip irrigation belts (L/H): 1.8, 2.4, 2.8, 3.0 and 3.2 (selected by the user)

Applications of the products:

The double-layer drip irrigation belt is widely used for the irrigation of farmland and greenhouse planting.

Properties of the products:

The double-layer co-extruded drip irrigation belt uses the double-layer co-extruded die head. The two-layer hot runner center or material helical feeding forms network interlaced extrusion molding. The membrane tube can stand high pressure. One of the two layers of the inlets uses regenerated plastic and the other uses raw material for the purpose of lowering the costs and increasing the profits. Two layers of different co-extruded material have clear distinction and perfect visual effect.

Mechanical characteristics of the double-layer co-extruded labyrinth drip irrigation belt:

It used plastic extruders of different molels or equivalent models to extrude at the same time. The extruder adopts frequency control to control the output.The molding die head of the drip irrigation belt membrane tube uses double-layer co-extruded hot runner center to feed material helically. The membrane tube use cast aluminum air-ring and is pre-cooled by air and adopts far-infrared diameter measuring apparatus. The strength of the membrane tube is high and the thickness is even.It uses separate vacuum forming device to reach the physical properties of the double-layer drip irrigation belt.It uses the coupling (or flat belt) hauling and frequency control, and the production line is stable.It uses double-stage center tension to coil and is equipped with far-infrared electronic counting device, which provides accurate length of the whole coil of the drip irrigation belt.The whole machine set of the appliance adopts digital electric control, which can be conveniently operated.

Main technical parameters:


SM DGD 55/45

SM DGD 50/50

SM DGD 55/55

Extruder model

SJ-55         SJ-45

SJ-50       SJ-50

SJ-55         SJ-55

Screw dia./ L:D







Main motor power (KW)







Die head specifications (mm)

Φ55*1.5 or Φ53*1.5 (selected by the user)

Cooling method

Air and water cooling

Driving power of the molding wheel (KW)

1.5 or 1.1 (selected by the user)

Haul-off power (KW)

1.5 or 1.1 (frequency control)

Coiling power (Nm)


Total water consumption (m3/h)


Speed of the production line


2*30 m/min

2*40 m/min

Overall dimension L*W*H


The parameters above can be changed without notice.

Bottom Blowing Plastic Water Saving Drip Irrigation Tape Equipment

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