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Colorants for Enamel, Ceramic and Glass
Colorants for Enamel, Ceramic and Glass

Colorants For Enamel and Glass Colorants Used In Ceramic Glaze Colorants for Glass-Effect Bricks, Plastics and Paints

Colorants For Enamel and Glass

Item No Color        Chemical Components  Heat resistance 

CXH-101 Cd-Yellow       Cd-S              900°C  

CXH-161 Cd-Red          Cd-S-Se           900°C  

CXH-164 Cd-Red          Cd-S-Se           900°C  

CXH-151 Cd-Orange       Cd-S-Se           900°C  

CXH-140 Yellow          Zn-Pb-Sb          900°C  

CXH-110 Maroon          Cr-Sn-Si          1250°C  

CXH-115 Sky_Blue        Co-Cr-Al          1280°C  

CXH-116 Peacock-Blue    Co-Cr-Al          1280°C  

CXH-117 Co-Blue         Co-Si-Fe-Cr       1280°C  

CXH-121 Peacock-Green   Co-Cr-Al-Zn       1280°C  

CXH-122 Green           Cd-Cr-Al          1280°C  

CXH-131 Black           Fe-Cr-Mn          1300°C  

CXH-136 Brown           Fe-Cr-Zn          1300°C  

 Colorants Used In Ceramic Glaze

Item No Color         Chemical component  Heat resistance 

CXH-198 Selenium Red    Cd-Se-Zr-si       1300°C  

CXH-298 Orange          Cd-Se-Zr-Si       1300°C  

CXH-498 Golden          Cd-Zr-Si          1300°C  

CXH-401 Pr-Yellow       Pr-Zr-Si          1250°C  

CXH-403 Yellow          Pr-Cr-Zr-Si       1250°C  

CXH-411 V-Blue          V-Zr-Si           1280°C  

CXH-412 Sky-Blue        Co-Al-Zn          1300°C  

CXH-414 Blue            Co-Al-Zn-V        1300°C  

CXH-415 Blue            Co-Zn             1300°C  

CXH-416 Cobalt-Blue     Co-Si             1300°C  

CXH-418 Peacock-Blue       Co-Al-Cr          1300°C  

CXH-425 Apple-Green      V-Pr-Si-Zr        1250°C  

CXH-301 Maroon           Sn-Cr-Ca-Si       1250°C  

CXH-306 Coral Pink       Fe-Zr-Si          1280°C  

CXH-201 Black            Fe-Cr-Mn          1280°C  

CXH-211 Brown            Fe-Zn-Cr          1280°C  

Colorants for Glass-Effect Bricks

Item No. Color        Chemical components Heat resistance                        

CXH-601 Black           Fe-Cr             1300°C                                             

CXH-605 Mn-Pink         Mn-Al             1300°C  

CXH-608 Orange          Ti-Sb-Cr          1250°C  

CXH-612 Green           Cr-Al             1300°C  

CXH-618 Blue            Co-Al             1300°C  

Colorants for Enamel, Ceramic and Glass

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