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BP-6000 portable electric treatment beauty device
BP-6000 portable electric treatment beauty device

Purify blood, activate cells Improve immunity Regulate autonomic nerve electric treatment beauty device 19 years experience

SpecificationName: BP-6000 portable electric treatment beauty deviceSize: 49.5cm*24cm*34cmPacking: 51cm*51cm*38cm(2 sets)Voltage Supply: 110v-240vIntroductionElectric Treatment Apparatus is designed according to high frequency wave principle, which makes people sit relaxedly and safely on insulating plastic chair and enjoy therapy effect of high frequency vibrating wave and electrostatic field. It can improve penetration of internal cell membrane, adjust electric potential, purify blood, stimulate compose of ATP by action of high frequency vibrating, accordingly improve blood circulation, metabolism and anti-disease immunity.Function1. Activate cells and restore the balance of electrical potential amongst organsAs seated on the cushion of the guide wave, the healthcare instrument with functions of high-frequency negative electricity via electrolysis, where the high voltage (low: 3000V, medium: 7000V, high: 10000V) low current (less than 0.1mA) transmits from the cushion of guide wave to the whole body. The strengthening of permeability of cell membrane and the increase of electrical potential make the cells inside the body full of energy, thus the balance of electrical potential amongst organs are restored. Meanwhile, due to the effect of high frequency oscillation, the fat metabolism is activated and the organic energy is restored as well, which can reduce fat.2. Purify the blood, restore the acid base balance in the bodyWith high voltage static effect (50times/s), the instrument improves the permeability of cell membrane, increases alkaline calcium ion in the blood, reduces acidic inorganic phosphorus and magnesium ion,making the alkalescent PH value in the blood, restore the original acid-base balance in the body. Especially the activation of gamma globulin strengthens the immunity of the body. 3. Relax the body and heart, restore the dynamic balance between sympathetic nerve and parasympathetic nerve The instrument, through the negative electricity wave of 75000 times/s, removes the harmful free radical insides cells, restores normal metabolism, activates the cells, especially the cells of parasympathetic nerves that have been restricted for a long time, adjusts the dynamic balance between parasympathetic nerves and sympathetic nerves, makes breathe from urgently to stably, and the heart rhythms of patients who suffer from arrhythmia become slowly and strong, and the blood muscles are released. Function of Energy I, Energy II and Sleep ModesEnergy I: Produces electrostatic field1. It is a movement with oxygen.2. Expend blood vessels and remove aged material attached on the wall of blood vessel.3. Improve penetration of cells, collateral channel and points.4. Balance bioelectricity of human body.Energy II: Produces high frequency wave1. Improve activity of cells by improving cells membrane.2. Stimulate synthesization of ATP in cells membrane.3. Adjust autonomic nerve, balance acidity and alkalinity of human body.4. Enhance blood and lymph circulation and improve alimentation.5. Supply human body with bioelectric energy.Sleep: Act on human body in sleep mode state1. Stimulate blood circulation, improve metabolism and alimentation.2. Reduce excitability of pallium, enhance restrainability operation and adjust nerve.3. Improve kidney function and filter action of emiction, which has effect of calmness and sleep peacefully, stop itching and ease pain.4. Produce ozone has sterilization effect and stimulate concrescence of wound and damage.Accessories Functionpartial physiotherapy roller:Plug the partial physiotherapy roller into Insulating handle, act it on face in the Energy II state, which can tighten and activate skin, eliminate wrinkles.Points massage electrode

Plug the points massage electrode into insulating handle, act it on human body in the Energy I state, which can massage points and eliminate toxin, remove whelk.Physiotherapy combPlug the physiotherapy comb into insulating handle, act it on head and human body in the Energy I state, which can lead main and collateral channels, diminish inflammation and relieve pain.

BP-6000 portable electric treatment beauty device

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