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Keep PowerG-70 purity of Bata-Glucan>=70% Keep Power G-100 purity of CM-Glucan (on dry) >=99.5 Degree of Substitute 0.5-0.75

        Yeast Beta Glucan is kind of nature "biological response modifiers",which is derived from the cell wall of baker's yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae),comprising D-glucose units with (1,3)links and with side-chains of D-glucose attached at the (1,6) position. The special three-dimensional configuration of yeast beta glucan make it recognized by the immunity system and can cause immunity response.Yeast beta glucan are recognized as "GRAS' and can be added in different common Food. Research has explored the effects of beta glucan on LDL cholesterol levels,wound healing,infection prevention, radiation,and tumor formation thus widely used in pharma and Food industry .

    Researchers have suggested that it is the frequency,location,and length of the side-chains rather than the backbone of beta glucan that determine their immune system activity.The most active forms of beta glucans are those comprising D-glucose units with

(1,3)links and with side-chains of D-glucose attached at the (1,6)position.Research has shown that insoluble(1,3/1,6)beta glucan(like yeast glucan),has greater biological activity than that of its soluble(1,3/1,4)beta glucan counterparts(oat,barley).The differences between beta glucan linkages and chemical structure are significant in regards to solubility,mode of action,and overall biological activity.


Improve immunity system ,prevent of infection,active the swallow ability of macrophage . Macrophage can distinguish and kill the external foreign matter, promote the organization’s repair,activate the cell factor.Anti-tumor,Anti-cancer,A function of beta glucan is it can improve the swallow ability of the macrophage.The experimental result indicated that the beta glucan can improve the swallow ability of macrophage in the bady of white ,mouse and other mammal obviously.Help would healing,Macrophage activity is known ot play a key role in wound healing from surgery or trauma.Anti-radiation:Mice exposed to 500-900cGy(500-900mrads) of gamma radiation exhibited a Significantly enhanced recovery of blood leukocyte,plaelet and red blood cell counts when given i.v. beta glucan .Other reports showed that beta glucan could reverse the myelo-suppression produced with chemotherapeutic drups such as fluorouracil, carboplatinum or cyclophosphamide.The anti-infective activity of Beta glucan combined with its hematopoiesis-stimulating activity resulted in enhanced survival of mice receiving a lethal dose of 900-1200cGy of radiation. In vitro studies showed that beta glucan could enhance granulocyte and megakaryocyte colony formation by hematopoietic stem progenitor cells when used in combination with GM-CSF and interleukin-3(1L-3),respectively.


AppearanceLight yellow powderAsh, %         ≤5.0
Particle size100% pass 80 meshPb, mg/kg    ≤2.0
β-Glucan content%    ≥70.0As,mg/kg     ≤3.0
Protein, %                 ≤5.0Hg,mg/kg     ≤1.0
Moisture,%                ≤5.0Cd,mg/kg     ≤1.0

This products has been exported to USA, EU, Japan, ASEAN. We are the biggest production company of Beta Glucan for exportation.

We have got the reports as following which is issued by The Central of Disease Control and Prevention of Guangdong Province to prove its safety and activity:

A: Report of Stability experments

B: Report of Strength

C: Report of toxicological tests

D: Report of Auxiliary protection of chemical liver injury


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