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[English Name]: D-Ribose [Molecular Formula]: C5H10O5 [Molecular Weight]: 150. 13

[English Name]: D-Ribose[Molecular Formula]: C5H10O5[Molecular Weight]: 150. 13[Structure]: [Description]: White crystalline powder, odorless.  Exist in any cell in combined state, slight aroma, easy hygroscopic, soluble in water and Methanol, slightly soluble in alcohol, insoluble in ether, benzene, acetone and chloroform.[Melting Point]: 95°C[Polarimetry ]: -250(24°C 1% in water)[Usage]: 1. Pharmaceutical Raw MaterialsA) Nucleic Acid drugs is the important means of the treatment of viruses, tumors, AIDS, as well as the clinical drug that produce interferon, immune agent.  D-ribose is an important intermediates of many Nucleic Acid drugs, which can be used in the production of Ribavirin, adenosine, cytidine, thymidine, fluorouracil,2-methyl adenosine, Vistamycin, pyrazole toxins, adenosyl methionine.  As pharmaceutical intermediates, D-ribose is the main materials of the synthesis of riboflavin and ribavirin on a large scale, greatly reducing production costs.  D-ribose is also the raw materials of vitamin B2 production.  D-ribose embedded in the molecular structure of certain substances which is an effective drug of the treatment of AIDS and cancer.B) D-ribose is the basic raw material of RNA and DNA, which is very important in physiological.  In medicine, D-ribose as a drug itself is used for the treatment of myocardial ischemia and muscle pain resulted from sports.2. Chemical raw materials.  3. Sports health products.  4. Food additives.  In the food industry can be used as spices, flavorings and other synthetic materials.[Package]: Stored in ventilated, dry, dark place and sealed.  Storage temperature should not exceed 30°C.[Storage and Transport]: Can not be stored and transported with toxic substances.


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