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Indoor use mosquito repellent light bulb
Indoor use mosquito repellent light bulb

Mosquito repellent light bulb; Lower noise and soft light; Kill mosquitos physically; 50000h lifetime; PSE approved

Brief introduction about mosquito repellent light bulb:

JUST SUN mosquito repellent light bulb  takes the advantage of mosquito phototaxis to specific wavelength that attract mosquito to get close. Then a built-in fan with a speed of 4.5m/s to attract the mosquitos into the mosquito store box, and dry till kill the mosquitos. It is a pure physical way.

And at the same time, the generated anion not only can kill the bacteria, but also purify the air.

Meanwhile the generated negative oxygen ion do further help users to improve sleep quality.

Mosquito repellent light bulb breakdown drawing

Mosquito repellent light bulb technology advantages:

1.    CCFL-UV technology;

CCFL (cold cathode fluorescent light) is our core technology which widely used in laptop, LCD, TV screen, large LCD screen, lifetime up to 50000h. The CCFL-UV lamp process distinctive color and light to effectively attract mosquitos.

 2.    Healthy wind vortex technology;

When the CCFL-UV lamp attract the mosquitos to get close, the built-in fan with 4.5m/s, attract mosquitos into strong suction machine to dry till kill harmful mosquitos totally through pure physical mosquito-killing apparatus.

 3.    Anion technology;

As the high anion generator catching mosquitos while anion gas producing and condensesing the air around to purify air. Meanwhile the generated anion gas do further help users to improve sleep quality.

 4.    Energy saving Technology;

6 watts for its power, for normal case, assuming 15 hours per day to use, if takes 1RMB/degree, only costs 0.1RMB for one night use, and total month fee less than 4RMB(less than US$1).Comparing with similar electronic bug zapper products in the market, the costs reduced by 50% or more.

Mosquito repellent light bulb technology Parameter



Fan Power


Related Frequency


Light Tube Specification


Related Power




Power Factor




Efficient Area

50square meters



Mosquito repellent light bulb using areas:

Home, hospital, school, factory, Station, bar, storage and other indoor areas.

Indoor use mosquito repellent light bulb

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