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white emulsion paint
white emulsion paint

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white emulison paint

High flexibility Exterior Paint Polymer Emulsions by painstakingly created specifically for senior decorated the external walls of buildings, designed for long-lasting weather protection. The film materials with advanced flexibility and strength of the scientific combination of robust and lasting, low-temperature flexibility, and long-term high temperature without losing flexibility, which can effectively suppress the grass-roots resistance to the wall and cracks, and cracks have been carried out to make up and cover, and the anti-James pollution of prominent, clean, beautiful film only as good as new security. Paul has excellent weather resistance At the same time, color, super-adhesive, anti-aging, water-alkali, anti-bacterial mold, green environmental protection functions and features full effect. 1. FeaturesHigh-elastic crack Efficiency without losing holding shells Tough anti-contamination Ultra-low pollution Color Weatherability Anti-UV Water-alkali Air "breathing"Super adhesion Antibacterial mold Anti-tide water High Decoration Super cover Painting comprehensive adaptation  2.Performance parametersTechnical performance: GB / T 172-2005 "flexible architectural coatings"Alkaline: 96h No abnormal water resistance: 96h no abnormalScrubbing of resistance: ≥ 15000 timesDirt Resistance: ≤ 20%Phytotron aging resistance: ≥ 600hTensile strength: ≥ 1.0MPaElongation at break: ≥ 200%Elongation at break (-10 ): ≥ 40%System parametersState characteristics: water-based, single-componentColor: optional freeGloss: mercerizingSolid content: ≥ 45% (volume)Dry time (25 ): 1.5 hours re-coating time(25 ): 4 hours 3. The usageOpen barrels used directly after mixing evenly.Painting by:, Brush, high pressure airless sprayDiluted: not diluted, the viscosity to be adjusted against the amount of water, not more than 5% of paint.Painting :2-4-storey low-rise (specifically coating layer thickness and the crack in accordance with the decision level),Theoretical amount: 5.0m2/kg / layer (dry film thickness of 60um).Coating conditions:Environmental conditions: the construction environment and the base surface temperature 5-40 , humidity below 85%. In good weather.Grassroots conditions: moisture content of the grass-roots level is less than 10%, Ph value of less than 10, strong, smooth, clean pollution-free. 4. Recommended systemsWater-based wall puttyWallprimer: 1 layerHigh flexibilityExterior Paint :2-4 layer.Painting matching reference:Paint dry film thickness of coating layers refer to the amount of the average width of crack suppression2 layer 120um 0.25kg/m2 0.8mm3-layer 180um 0.38kg/m2 1.2mm4-240um 0.5kg/m2 1.5mm 5. Emphasizing mattersThe ambient temperature is below temperature, fog, rain, rain 24-hour weather, not construction.Coating operations when a sudden wind, rain, construction should stop and not to block the dry coating protection.Construction tools should be cleaned after use, or immersed in water.Painting operations to avoid contamination, contamination should be promptly cleaned with water.6. Packing and storageThe materials used drums or plastic packing barrels.Product is water-based nature, belonging to the non-dangerous goods in storage and transportation to avoid high temperature, to prevent the rain to avoid cold. Stored in a cool dry place.12-month shelf-life.

white emulsion paint

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