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Fully automatic Three/Five layer co-extrusion stretch film machine
Fully automatic Three/Five layer co-extrusion stretch film machine

1. 150CC Metering pump with American sensor system 2. PLC Auto roll changer control system 3.Saw knife or air knife cut film

Instruction of Stretch Film Machine

Stretch  film machine mainly use LLDPE,LDPE or recycled LLDPE material to produce one side sticky or 2 sides sticky stretch film,cling film,cast stretch film etc.The width from 20mm to 2000mm, single layer to 2 layers, 3 layers, 5layers and so on.

This Unit is based on our long time manufacturing experience  and customer's actual operate, Combine with Italy and Amercian high-tech to produce high plasticity, easy to operate, long life and power saving machine.This machine is fit for making stretch film, cling film and protecting film.

Plastic Machine PE Stretch Film Machine passes CE certificate, most professional, high output!

Introduction of Stretch film machine

Machine Specification

 1- The fit materials: LLDPE

 2- PLC Automatic roll changer, automatic filter changer,

 3-automatic loader and auto edge film recycling unit.

 4- 150CC gear box and American sensor system to control the extruder output at 100% uniformity,which make the film more uniformty, good tensile strenth and good anti-puncture. 

Machine Features

1- The alloy screw adopts special mixing refining function and high plasticity design to ensure good plasticization, good transparency and greatly improving the capacity.


2-T-Die adopt import top speical mould steel, which professional materials on PE plasticity. By our high precision process and treatment to ensure the long service life of T-Die without any deformation.


3- The Cooling roller is bi-directional loop design and helix runner inside cooling steel roller to ensure the same temperature of roller surface.

4- Winding Roller part has aisle platform design. It is convenient and easy to adjust thickness and quickly changer width of film without stop the machine.

Optional configuration:

1) Touch screen to control electric systerm

2) Manipulator equipment to change the roll and put the finished products down the ground.

3) Air Knife to cut the film for thickness more than 50um

4) Auto thickness measurement and auto thickness adjustment T-die



1) Company is  professional on this line about 20 years. Twenty  years ago, Factory is located in Hongkong. Ten years ago, the factory is moved  into Shenzhen, China. We are the oldest stretch film machine manufacturer in China, the experience is the richest and the technology is the most advanced.

2)We have a complete set of spare parts processing equipment, Almost all machine parts is made by our professional technicians to guaranty the stable quality. The T-die is made by ourself about 20 years experience and the quality of  the T-die is approved by the markets . We own high technology on T-die from American and Italy  partner. In China, we are the only one to have strenth to make our own brand T-Die.

3)What's important that the machine is stable, easy to operate, energy saving and high output.





Screw Diameter



L/D Ratio of Screw



Width of Die Head



Width of Finished Products



Thickness of Finished  Products



Structure of Film Layers

A/B/C or  A/C/B/C/A

A/B/C or  A/C/B/C/A

Max Extrusion Capacity



Line Spend



Heating Power



Total Power



Over Dimensions(LxWxH)






The film made by this machine is  used for packaging and storing cooked food, uncooked food, meat, vegetable and fruit and seafood ets. In supermarket, hotel,  dinning-hall and food factory.

Stretch film machine line Detail

( function(){ var aBigImageSrc = [ 'http://i00.i.aliimg.com/photo/v4/675991556_1/Fully_automatic_Three_Five_layer_co_extrusion.jpg' , 'http://i00.i.aliimg.com/photo/v4/675991556_2/Fully_automatic_Three_Five_layer_co_extrusion.jpg' , 'http://i00.i.aliimg.com/photo/v4/675991556_3/Fully_automatic_Three_Five_layer_co_extrusion.jpg' , 'http://i00.i.aliimg.com/photo/v4/675991556_4/Fully_automatic_Three_Five_layer_co_extrusion.jpg' , 'http://i00.i.aliimg.com/photo/v4/675991556_5/Fully_automatic_Three_Five_layer_co_extrusion.jpg' , 'http://i00.i.aliimg.com/photo/v4/675991556_6/Fully_automatic_Three_Five_layer_co_extrusion.jpg' ]; var oProductShow = new AE.run.minisite.productShow(); oProductShow.init( { 'aImgSrc': aBigImageSrc } ); } )(); Fully automatic Three/Five layer co-extrusion stretch film machine

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