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Silk Peptide
Silk Peptide

Silk peptide

Natural silk peptideis made from natural mulberry by modern and high and new technique and water-soluble 100%.It contains  human body essential of 18 kinds of amino acidses, its molecular weight generally are below 2000.The silkpeptide useds for having natural hydration and adjusting in the cosmetics wet can effectively repress skin melanin with the function of nourishment skin of born, it good absorption with adsorb sex, make it have to extremely and excellently protect hair and keep hair function.The silk Mao function is at the cosmetics its effect and the safety, is generally synthesize material can't compare to.The silk peptide used for cosmetic because of the function of keeping skin humid, adjusting and making skin shine can control skin melanin . The great absorbency will be of benefit to hair. silk peptide have better  cosmetic funtion and safity than other compound material.silk peptide has great potential market as biomedicine store material and biology gas defence.product quality index of Silk Peptide

Itempowder of silk peptide indexliquid peptide index
External appearanceyellow powder,easily deliquesce,dissolve at wateryellow clarifies liquid
loss on drying(%)<=5<=5
Total solid(%)2--72--7
Burnt remnant(%)<=3<=1
PH(1% aqueous solutions)5--75--7
Total nitrogen(%)>=140.3-0.7
Average molecular weight1000--3000500-2000
Heavy metals(BE account with Pb),mg/kg<=20<=20
Arsenic(BE account with As), mg/kg<=1.5<=1.5
The germ total amount(/g)<=100<=100
Other germzerozero
 Effect of the Silk peptide1. The natural silkpeptide is dissolubility silk protein, containing 18 kinds of amino acidses, especially the silk serine protease and aminosuccinic acid,glutamic acid are all skin nutrition, which are easily absorbed through epidermis to improve the nourishment of skin through epidermis cell and strengthen skin cell vitality.Use the silk peptidecosmetics for a long time,it can rise the effect of strongly built skin, defer decrepitude.2. The natural silk peptide can repress the activity of the beta-parahydroxy-phenylpropionic acid, the formation of melanin in the skin and make the skin  pure without blemish.3. The natural silk peptide is a kind of natural adjust wet factor material, effectively hydration function, and  makes skin full of flexibility, moisten.4. Natural silk peptide is good treatment to dry skin, the skin scratch and the gestation scratch, protecting skin from  sunlight strictly and coldly . It can  promote skin organization of rebirth and wound.5. Natural silk peptidemake an good effect as the function of cosmetic .Because the silk protein is extremely alike hair's, it can protect the hair as cosmetics immediately by becomiing one thin but transparent protection film on the hair surface.It can increase hair of flexibility, sheen and softness, and is free from the influence that water flushes.6. Natural silk peptide with natural, the purely true quality  is accepted by more and more people and has vast applied foreground in  kinds of cosmetic.

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Silk Peptide

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