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car protect film_ Invisible car clothes_High Glossy
car protect film_ Invisible car clothes_High Glossy

1)Product name: car protect film _ Invisible car clothes_static film 2)Composition: PVC transparent body,glue,

1)       Product name: car protect film_ Invisible car clothes_static film

2)       Composition:  PVC transparent body,glue,

3)    Specification: 10CM*30M, 15CM*30M,30CM*30M ,0.914M*30M,1.27*30M,1.52M*30M ,

4)    Temperature range:80degree to blow zero 60degree.

5)       Relative viscosity:HSE-high, LSE- The impact of low water-2-4Mpa.

6)       Scratch-resistant Features: Expansion rate of more than 200%,prevent a rock hit, ,scratch-resistant

foreign body, can improve the ability to defend heat ,cold and anti-aging, high ability of anti-chemical

corrosion ,UV protection,not change to yellow, not changing color, flexibility and high posts Service is good,

beautiful, strong reduction, glue can be removed without leaving adhesive residue.

7)       Product useage:1,To be protect film, Mainly used in paint protection for any color of paint, 10 wire, 15

wire, 20 wire thickness, and has superior toughness, will not break, scratch resistance, mainly to protect

various parts of the car grill body paint surface, to avoid falling off, and prevent aging of yellow

paint and surface rust and so on, its excellent extensibility, transparency and surface adaptation,

installation does not affect the body after the appearance of paste. (Posted on the threshold of office

on and off to prevent scratches on the paint wear, affixed to the car hood to prevent gravel and dust on the

paint of the damage.) Notes: shell can also be used to protect electronic products, such as mobile

computers upper and lower lid senior furniture, sports equipment, the medical aviation

instruments, meters and protection purposes.

2: Used to prevent dirty film, mainly for automotive interior and door protection of protect film products

with high ductility, high plasticity, abrasion resistance and scratch resistance, anti-dirt, anti-UV,

anti-oxidation effect. The interior market is generally light-colored car, bad planning vulnerable to friction,

and the shoes and rub in the dirt with colored decoration on the inside door and difficult to clean,if use a

protective film, not only to protect the decorating, but also beautiful and easy to clean increase, saving care


OEM Service Protection for car special door bowl or vehicles according to customer requirements tailored

style. we doOEM service Attachment: rhino skin protective film

car protect film_ Invisible car clothes_High Glossy

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