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Flow Testing Machine for Plastic Pipe Production
Flow Testing Machine for Plastic Pipe Production

1Quality assurance in plastic production 2Saving the raw materials 3Fully automatic control system 4Alarm function for errors

                              GraviMac Series-Online Measurement and Control System of Per-meter

                                        ----- A Quality Measurement System Based on Weight ----

The strong points of this system:

1.Shorten the start-up time

2.Saving of the raw materials

3. Reduce the quality risks of plastics pipe production and improve quality.

The applications:

The process control for the production of plastics pipes, film, etc.

The function:

The system is installed on an extruder to measure and calculate per-meter weight and extrusion output, and also controlled by closed loop, which realize

the constant weight of per- meter and make it operate at setting values.

Precision error:

< 0.3~0.5%(Differs from the different raw materials and machines)

The available materials for GraviMac:

The powderyThe pellet / Granular The fine powder( good flowing properties)Mixture or Untreated material/ Fine powder or Small spherical / powdery(good flowing properties)Rubber(Granular)

What is Meter Weight and the Measurement&Control Sysem of Per-Meter Weight ?

Meter Weight is the product weight of per-meter. National standard also provide the corresponding range of meter weight while provide the product geometry range, be equal to give the corresponding meter weight range, because the constant meter weight decide whether the product is qualified at a large extent.



Why should we configure Meter Weight System on the traditional pipe production line ?


Traditional pipe production system(Without the configuration of meter weight system):

The meter weight of common pipe during the startup process is uncertain, in order to meet the quality requirements, usually the workers have to adjust several times, but this process will cause a lot of material waste and loss of time (the large size pipe is particularly obvious)


How to make qualified pipe with shortest time and least material consumption in the startup process ?

Mainly depend on the experience, skill and luck of operators on the production line.The wall thickness of pipe in the production process is affected by many uncertain factors, such as: unstable properties of material (for examplethe add in of recycled material), melt index changes brought by the material replacement, the stability of machine, immaturity of the workmanship, the material discharge not smooth, even the grid voltage fluctuation etc, all may lead to changes or fluctuations of meter weight, which will result in a potential risk of product quality.


The new system after configuring the meter weight system

Meter weight datas can be obtained soon after startup: make the“unknown”empirical production become“known”precise production, so as to make valid and visible production adjustment.Shorten startup time: the operator simply need to connect the pipes and do the normal pulling, then the system could automatically adjust the pipe meter weight to a qualified range, which will break away from the dependence on the experience and skill of operators.Monitor the entire process: the system monitor the pipe meter weight in the whole production process, and collect pipe meter weight in real-time, if deviations were found, it will immediately adjust the extruder or the puller to reaches the stable meter weight and run according to the set value.Pipe deviation alarm: The prompt output of alarm information for the pipe quality risk that appears will effectively prevent product quality defects.



The advantages of WalthMac Meter Weight System and the reasons for you to choose our GraviMac Meter Weight System:

It is suitable for all the extrusion production line and all control mode in the world.With higher standard: we produce according to the concept of “Product is also an artwork.”Higher control precision and response speed: The adopting of dedicated algorithm make the system have higher precision and response speed. High stability of system:we are well aware that no need for service is the best service, and the stability of product has been put on the the first place of our design and improvement.Continuous upgrading: Innovative power and perfect pursuing for products help us to do the incessant upgrading for products. Based on the strong R & D capabilities of our two R & D centers, we promise to provide the users free lifetime upgrading service of product software.Worry-free after-sales service: we have many offices and agents in domestic and overseas market, which will provide you quick and effective service.Higher cost-effective and longer payback period of product investment: all the key parts are imported to ensure a longer life, and the product rapid response speed will help customers save more raw material costs.Extrusion system from several excellent extrusion equipment manufacturers integrated this Meter Weight System.Products are exported to many countries and regions.We not only produce the products with high standard,high precision and high stability, but also provide perfect, fast and high-quality pre-sales&after-sales service.

GraviMac system structure schematic drawing:

Typical measurement principle:


                                                                     GraviMac per-meter weight system structure diagram


How does the system work?

            Picture 1                                                Picture 2                                         Picture 3

Picture 1:The material status when starting-up.

Picture 2: The material in funnel reduce little by little while the system testing weight continuously.

Picture3: When packing material again, the new measurement control system begin.

Systemic function:

 The measurement and control parameters that can be setting in GraviMac

 A. The output of extruder

      Unit: kg/hr

      Control the output by controlling RPM of the extruder)

B. Per-meter weight

     Unit: kg/m, g/m

     Linear speed input is needed;

     Control the weight of per-metre by controlling the linear speed.

C. Statistical function

     Count the consumption of raw material and the length.

Product selection:





Up to 60



Up to 200



Up to 350



Up to 450



Up to 700



Up to 900



Up to 1200


Note: Dimensions may be changed without giving notice.

Installation description:

 Mechanical installation

1. The existing production line of the customer

                       2. Remove the funnel of the customer

  3. Make an adapter to install the funnel

   4. Install the bracket and the storage hopper on the weighing funnel



 Use a GraviMac displayer control module (three configurations of I, II and OEM are available)

The easy convenient operational interface with rich functions can fully meets any production measurement requirement.

                   Type I                                                                                                        Type II


Use Cases:



Flow Testing Machine for Plastic Pipe Production

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