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Continuous Gravimetric Blending Machine
Continuous Gravimetric Blending Machine

1.Dosing precision 0.5% 2.Blending precision error<0.1% 3.Unique design to reduce the layering phenomena in secondary coveying

                                   WCB Series-High Dosing Precision ContinuousGravimetric Blenders

Application Field: plastic films/cables/pipes/production of raw materials/ plastics modification and other industries such as Chemicals.

Scope of Application: be suitable to be used in plastic industry production process in which many components of different states, such as pellet,powdery,liquid etc, need metering according to different ratios and online mixing.

Function Features:

1. Due to unique design, besides metering mixture of solid materials, the blender is also applied to metering mixture between liquid materials and solid materials,

and a larger proporationing range of materials is achieved by the adoption of screw feeding;

2. All components are controlled by a servo system, and the higher response speed and precision are provided;

3. The higher mixing precision is provided with adopting two mixing modes.

4. The operating interface of touch screen and dynamic flow ratio model make the operation more direct-viewing and convenient;

5. The materials needed by the system are automatically filled;

6. The formula can be changed in real time;

7. The function of meter weight on production line and extrusion output control is available;

8. Reduce the layering phenomena in the secondary conveying process after mixing of the material;

9. System dosing precision: ±0.5%;                                                         10. Blending precision error: < 0.1%;

11. Low maintenance cost;

12. All key parts are imported.

System Principle:

The WCB series continuousgravimetricblender is a dynamic material-charging system and it adopts the weight-loss principle. On the premise of keeping the precision of components, the system can automatically adjust the material dosing speed of every component according to the actual extruding output of the extruder, which helps to provide a larger material application scope, and at the same time the meter weight metering control function can be chosen to keep constant product weight of per meter.

 Optional component unit models and related parameters:



Components Number

size (mm)


Up to 180




Up to 300




Up to 600




Up to 1200



 /G in models means with the meter weight control function

Continuous Gravimetric Blending Machine

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