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Distill water treatment system
Distill water treatment system

DW series Multi-tubes Distilling Water Machine is used to produce sterile injecting water, which is accord with GMP Standard, fi

Unique internal screw water and air 3-class separation which eliminate bacterial endotoxin completely.

As the vaporizing separation principle of evaporator, the external screw mode is which use evaporator canister’s length to generate centrifugal force through helix belt direction from bottom and separate water to canister. And the separated air enters into next effect from top for steam source. To separate for once is not complete. Whereas, the principle of internal screw distilled water machine is which pipes of evaporator are in outside and the inside is 3-class separation. The first step is using screw high speed water-air separation, water is separated into canister through the 180° high speed cyclone inlet and generates gravity separation to make it drop to bottom of evaporator, but the steam is rising to top which enter into central segregator for separating again. Such separation process can ensure the moisture content will not be taken with steam in the process of separation (because moisture content is taken is equal to take the bacterial endotoxin and heat source), so that improve the distilled water quality. With reasonable structure and enough evaporation, so energy consumption is reduced. From above principle, we can see that the structure of multiple-effect internal screw distilled water machine is more reasonable than external screw distilled water machine, and the performance is more advanced.

Adopted water level technology, which can produce distilled water and purified steam at the same time.

NLD multiple-effect internal screw distilled water machine adopted 1-effect and2-effect water level method in automatic control mode, which effectively solve the problem of failing of producing the distilled water caused by overflow. (When consumer is using purified steam, and because of the reduction of purified steam, which lead to the situation that cannot vaporize after 2-effect. And overflow is just caused by this). This method not only ensure the required pressure in the process of using purified steam, but also achieves the evaporation after 2-effect, which saves the cost for consumers of buying purified steam generator.

The control characteristic of unique parts 

1. Just as mentioned in the second point of the 4th parts of this document, the 1-effect pressure transmitter measures the water level of I-effect evaporator bottom. When the water level rises, raw water valve will reduce the quantity of input of water; when the water level lowers, the raw water valve will enlarge the input of water. When boiler steam waved, the water level of the bottom of evaporator also waved. So it need to control the water level stably (control the liquid level just means control the steam), and the purpose is to be good effect of separation.

2. Just as mentioned in the third point of the 4th parts of this document, the 2-effect pressure transmitter measures the level of 2-effect evaporator bottom. In the process of production, when it need purified steam to sterilize, the purified steam valve opened, and the steam which entering the 2-effect reduced, the bottom water level will overflow. So the purpose of measuring water level is to control the raw water valve, which is set in the position between 1-effect and 2-effect, to adjust the input of raw water and steam and to control the water level of 2-effect bottom stably and by the way also control the multiple effect water level after effect, to carry out the function of producing pure steam and steam at the same time. It reduces the consumer’s cost of buying steam equipment and the operation cost.

3. In the 5th point of the 4th part of this document, Electrical contact manometer measures the raw steam pressure. When the raw steam pressure is too low, it cannot offer enough heat energy to evaporator, then the steam and water cannot be separated completely, and the water can be easily taken away. When it fails to produce the qualified distilled water, it will alarm automatically and display the cause of malfunction in screen. And then it will start automatically, each executive part will be automatic matching operation

NLD1000-5 Multiple-effect Internal Screw Distilled Water Machine

Technical Parameter



Technical parameter


Distilled water production capacity



Raw steam consumption



Raw water consumption



Cooling water consumption



Working pressure

Working pressure 0.3-0.5Mpa

Design pressure 0.55Mpa


Distilled water discharging temperature



Discharge water conductivity



Distilled water quality

Meet all index of “WFI” in Pharmacopoeia 2005


Bacterial endotoxin

within 0.125Eu/ml


Power consumption



Working noise

within 65dB


Quality standard

Meet JB20030-2004(Multiple-effect distilled water machine)standard



separating mode

Adopted internal screw water-air multilevel separation





External dimension



Distill water treatment system

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