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Ore Briquetting press plant
Ore Briquetting press plant

No water/binder/dry Hydraulic/physical press Low water/power/space consumption High strength/density Briquetting press plant

SG-500 briquetting press plant operating principle:

The briquetting press adopts the couple roller. Between the rollers, there is certain gap. Using double output shaft reduction Machine, makes the couple roller in phase and run face to face. One group of roller axle seat is fixed and another group of roller axle seat is slipped. With the support of the pressure of hydraulic cylinder, they are close to each other and the hydraulic system can has the action of compensation and protection. In the surface of the roller, the hole (arc trough) of many shapes and same size are arrayed. According to the different compression rate of the materials, choose the trough of one roller aiming at the trough of another roller, or peak to trough. Two rollers is arranged in horizon. The powder material on itself weight is compulsorily feed into the gap between two rollers over the rollers continuously and equally. When the material enters into the gripping area, it is gripped by the roller. With the continuous turning or the roller, the occupied space of the material is less and less and gradually compressed and reaches the max value of the formation pressure. Then, the pressure gradually reduces. The flakes due to its elasticity and self weight breaks off the arc trough.  

briquetting press plant technical parameter:

a).roller diameter: 504         available width: 300mm

b).roller speed: 14-20rpm.

c).screw feeder: 11kw motor frequency conversion speed adjusting. Equipped with ration feeder, 1.5/1.1kw transducer speed adjustment.

d).accumulator pre-pressurization:11Mpa

e).allowable max. formation pressure rate: 55kN/cm

j). compactor power: 75kw

k).Installed capacity: about 90kw

l).dimension (L×W×H) : 3650×2250×2500mm

m).weight: abt 15t

n). briquette output: 6000-8000kg/h

o). briquette size: 40-50mm

p). briquette shape: oval ball shape

Briquetting press plant line components:

1) Ration feeding device: Composed of raw material silo and star type charger with fixed amount transportation, 1.1/1.5kw power, frequency conversion speed adjustment.

2) Screw feeder: Composed of charger with 11kw frequency conversion speed adjusting motor, taper helix, agitator knife, taper charger with observation window and feeding bucket. This is to further finish degasification and pre-compress the powder.

3) Compactor: Composed of fixed axle seat and slipped axle seat, two alloy steel rollers, two hydraulic cylinder and pump, double output reduction machine, Type GIICL drum jugged shaft coupling and 45kw electromotor set. 

4) Electrical control cabinet: Composed of electrical control box, frequency conversion speed adjusting controller, ammeter, voltmeter, instruction light, button, voltage conversion switch, etc.

5) Vibrating screen: (one set) the grinded material from the grinding and granulator is screened into the grain by this machine and recycled powder. SFJH100×2C

6) Bucket hoisting machine HL200. Equipped based on the request.

Note: It takes potassium sulphate(SOP) for example, vary in accordance with the material to be briquetted

Briquetting press plant applications:

Briquetting press plant line (model produces small angular (irregular) granules)

Difference of briquetting press plant A and B.

Briquetting press plant consists of screw feeder (upper taper) and double roller compactor

Briquetting press plant peripheral equipments

Briquetting press plant's general process flow

Briquettes vairable shape

Briquettes and its rollers

Briquetting press plant and its peripheral equipments are being loaded in one 40ft. container (Model SG-360A)

Ore Briquetting press plant

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