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CIC-100 Ion Chromatography
CIC-100 Ion Chromatography

CIC-100 Ion Chromatography 1.High-pressure double-plunger reciprocating advection pump. 2.Conductivity Detector 3.Flow system

CIC-100 Ion Chromatography

Technical Description:

1. Mainframe

1.1 Integration of machine, digital control, LCD display screen, touch button operation, memory function. Full-screen voltage, conductance, current, flow range, pressure and other operating parameters, easily for real-time monitoring instrument.

1.2 By chromatography work station software and the LCD screen in two modes to set instrument parameters and operating software has features to prevent misuse. 30s automatic switching and automatic shield is invalid keys. To support the central remote control.

2. Ion chromatography pump

Type: high-pressure double-plunger reciprocating advection pump.

Pump Pressure Range: ≤40Mpa (10 mL pump head)

Flow range: 0.001 mL/min-9.999mL/min

Flow accuracy (setting error): RSD ≤ 0.5%

Flow repeatability: RSD ≤ 0.2%

Over-pressure protection: overpressure automatic alarm and pump shut down on their own self-protection

3. Conductivity Detector

Structure:  Five polar ring passivity and 316 stainless steel conductivity Pool

Pool size: ≤ 1.0μl

Output voltage: -5000~5000mv adjustable

Range: 10 files option, with manual and automatic feature selection files, the output can be automatically zero

Detection range: 0~30000us/cm 

Resolution: ≤ 0.025ns

Baseline Noise: ≤ 1.0% FS   

Baseline drift: ≤ 2.0% FS

4. Flow System

4.1 Full Flow adopts imported pressure, acid and alkali, corrosion-resistant all-PEEK material, with one eluent automatic alarm device.

4.2 U.S. imported 7725I high-pressure six-way valve, the maximum pressure 7000psi, with a pull valve automatically after the signal acquisition function;

5. Chromatography Analytic System

5.1 Imported anion column, a simultaneous analysis of sample F-, Cl-, NO_2, PO43-, Br-, NO3-, SO42- anions, This column has higher capacity, is compatible with organic solvents, PH can be adjusted in the 0-14 range, there is a corresponding wide range of mobility, it is drinking water and disinfection by-products of the GB column.

5.2 U.S. imports ALLTECH cation column, can carry on betaine, Li +, Na +, NH4 +, K +, Mg2 +, Ca2 +, Sr2 +, Ba2 +, choline chloride and other cation separation test.

5.3 Analysis of reproducibility: ≤ 1.0% (SO42 Na+ count) 

The linear range: ≥ 103

Minimum detectable concentration: ≤ 1ppb (0.001mg / L) (CI-count)

6. Suppression System

6.1 Automatic regeneration of anion micro-membrane suppressor, not-for-acid, on-line automatic regeneration, uninterrupted use, simple operation and long life; constant source current 0 ~ 150mA adjustable, incremental 0.1mA

6.2 The company's unique post-column CO2 suppressor function can eliminate the influence from CO2 arising from eluent to the baseline, instrument stability, and improve the precision of instrument


7.1 On-line gas-liquid separator

Gas-liquid separator is utility model patent product of our company, 2009 (Patent No.: ZL 2008 2 0174842.9), can exclude the clear bubble on running when the equipment is running. To avoid interference to instrument’s stability, and have insufficient flow alarm function.

7.2 On-line degassing can be automatic on-line degassing, without the machine off before the eluent degassing, is compatible with organic solvents.

7.3 On-line filters remove the sample of the solid particles in the middle of the mobile phase and Adopted ultra-filter technique.

7.4 Eluent purifier: remove the solid particles in the middle of eluent and capacity is  up to 800mM.

8. Chromatography Software

8.1 The whole Chinese display, equipped with electronic version of the operation of demonstration, simple operation and easy to master.

8.2 Be of automatic range selection, the baseline automatic zero adjustment function. No need to manually adjust the range.

8.3 With the spectrogram, the working curve shows simultaneously that spectrogram  flat  shift, working conditions for selective memory  of working conditions and other functions, automatically gives the results and conduct a variety of correction.

9. Temperature Control System

9.1 Adopting Multi-layer and thermal insulation material for precise temperature control.

9.2 Column incubator imported thermostats and sensors, have the intellectual self-tuning PID, have the upper limit over-temperature alarm and auto power-off function.

Notice: The above standard configuration for this model, users can choose according to their own work in different configurations.

The above configuration does not contain computer printers.

CIC-100 Ion Chromatography

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