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Ceiling lighting
Ceiling lighting

Induction ceiling lighting Size:L.580mm*W.580mm*H.280mm Material:Iron/Tempered Glass Power:80W/120W

Conception of ceiling lightingCeiling lighting is a electrondeless fluorescent without electrodes,which relies on the fundamental principles of electromagnetic induction and gas discharge to create light. The life of the ceiling lighting without filaments and electrodes lasts 100.000 hours which is 100 times of incandescent lamp,5-15times of high pressure electric discharge lamp,and 5-10times of compact fluorescent lamp.

Features of ceiling lighting

1.No electrodes filaments

2.Long life: 100000 hours

3.Warranty:5 years

4.You can instantly start: start the millisecond speed

5.Wide voltage(120-277V)/Power range(40W-400W)

6.Available color temperatures:2700K.3500K.4000K.5000K.6500K

7.Low EMC interference frequency of 230KHZ

8.Reliable ignition at -40

9.Have high luminous efficacy 80lm/w,effective luminous

efficacy up to 150lm/w.

10.No glare and no flicke

11.Saving 50-90% compared with traditional light sources

Advantages of ceiling lighting

1.Energy Saving Compared with HID lamps,induction lamps save 70% enevgy,similar to new fluorescent lamps of high energy saving,which creat less heat to reduce cooling cost of air anditioning. 2.NO Maintenance/Less Maintenance Longer life means reducing replacement.In some cases zero maintenance,is especially great for the areas which are hard to reach and busy such as tunnels,roads ,high bay areas,Ceiling Lights has a wide operating temperature,and is good for emergency and extreme climates. 3.Healthy,Safety,Environment No flicker and less glare provide maximum eyesight protection,choice of color temperatures near to natural daylight increases sagety,productivity, performance outstanding color performance for life less CO2 output and no mercury waste to disposion


Ceiling lighting

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