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Microwave Digestion System
Microwave Digestion System

Microwave Digestion System

Microwave Digestion System

1. Advanced continuous non-pulse microwave heating technology enables microwave power to be adjusted automatically by the changes of pressure and temperature inside vessels. With this technology, MDS-8 can accurately control the changes of pressure and temperature inside vessels and can display both reaction data and accumulating curves of pressure and temperature.

2. Advanced piezo crystal pressure sensor and Pt temperature sensor ensure precise detection and control of reaction parameters.  

3. Uniquely designed closed vessel has embodied easy handling and excess pressure relief  (through safety membrane) functions, as well as high throughput (up to 10 samples simultaneously) features.

4. Double buffering anti-blast chamber door built with ingenious mechanism system will translate outside automatically to release high pressure gas in time. In addition, the buffer plate at the inner side of chamber door can prevent and relieve the explosives¡¯ direct damage to the door, further ensure the door¡¯s return to former position for use later.

5. Professionally designed homogeneous microwave distribution cavity, coated with multi-layer anticorrosion coatings, ensures equality and repeatability of all digested samples in a run.

6. All vessels (including main control vessel) can be cooled down outside chamber to speed up cooling process, moreover, to expedite the turnover of microwave chamber.

7. Robust framework and double layer reaction vessels adopt TFM material for inner vessels and PEEK material for outer vessels.

MDS-8 Technical Data:

1. Piezo crystal sensor monitors and controls pressure up to 8MPa (1200psi) in a reference vessel. 2. Advanced temperature sensors (Pt thermowell) monitor and control temperature up to 250 degree Centigrade in a reference vessel.3. Maximum 1200W microwave power, dynamically adjusted by the reaction temperature and pressure feedbacks, is able to provide continuous non-pulse microwave heating.4. Maximum sustainable pressure 8MPa (1200psi), maximum sustainable temperature 300 degree Centigrade, 100ml volume for each vessel, up to 10 vessels in a run. Material of inner vessel: TFM or PTFE, outer vessel: PEEK

MP-100 Frame Structure High Pressure Closed Vessel:  

- Maximum sustainable pressure: 8MPa (1200psi)- Maximum sustainable temperature: 300 degree - Maximum working temperature: 250 degree- Volume: 100ml - Vessel quantity: 10

Microwave Digestion System

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