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PU Insulated Panel
PU Insulated Panel

PU insulated panel: 1. House insulation & decoration 2. Prevent heat in summer 3. Keep heat in winter 4. PU + fiber cement

Rigid PU Insulated Panel:

INLIGHT PU insulated panel is a kind of high-performance building materials used as exterior wall, partition wall, roof and floor for residential and light commercial construction. Polyurethane [PU] is one of currently extensive employed, highly efficient and energy-saving insulation materials. Our PU insulated wall panels are widely used in the thermal insulation and decoration for exterior walls and internal partition wall, which are engineered to provide more durable, excellent energy efficient homes and commercial buildings.The thickness of our fire-retardant rigid PU insulation ranges from 20 to 40mm, and regular length and width is 800mm*600mm and 600mm*400mm, which can be customized according to requirements. The surface layer of one or two sides of the PU panels could be granite, aluminum Composite Panel, fiber cement board, or simply nothing. Main Technical Data of INLIGHT PU Panels:

1.Density of PU Foam: ≥45kg/m32. Heat Conductivity: ≤0.024W/(m·K) 3.Water Absorption: ≤3.0%4. Tensile Strength CMD of PU Foam: ≥260kPa

5. Tensile strength of Adhesion: ≥160kPa 6.Stability of Size (48hours): ≤1.8% (80°C), ≤0.8% (-30°C)

7. Fire Retardance: B2 degree (Self-extinction within 3 seconds)

Advantage of Rigid PU Insulated Board:

 Rising costs in constructions and energy, declining traditional building skills, more stringent energy rating requirements, together with the rising interest in environmentally and sustainable building practices are the drivers for our revolutionary approach to building materials and systems.

Heating and cooling account for huge energy consumption and residential greenhouse gas emissions, our fully insulated building products and system significantly reduce this consumption and emissions as well as provide a low cost, safe, rapid erection and recyclable solution.

Features of INLIGHT PU Insulated Panels: 

Exceptional Thermal rating

Rapid erection

No cavities, no gaps, no cold bridges, no thermal leaks

Simple “slide-in” installation

Lightweight & easy to handle

Absolute structural consistency

Fire resistant Termite & ant-proof

Site waste dramatically reduced

Indoor & Outdoor applications

High acoustic performance

Moisture resistant

20 years guarantee

Services (like electrical/plumbing) inserted during manufacture or on site


Builder Benefits:

Faster Construction - Structural Insulated Panel (SIP) combines structural framing, insulation, and sheathing into one step which allows builders to reach more projects per year. Less Framing Labor - The pre-built nature of the SIP system requires fewer framers. Building with SIPS requires less on site labor - saving much labor cost. Less job site waste - Another benefit of SIP is the reduction of job site waste, reducing the cost of waste disposal. Wood products usually account for 35% of job site waste while precut SIP is less than 3%. Less material theft - It's much more difficult for panels to grow legs and walk off your job site than it is for lumber to disappear - along with your profit margin. Fully Customized - SIP also reduce the margin for framing errors. Each panel is numbered in factory to correspond with a computerized CAD panel blueprint.

PU Insulated Panel

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