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Natural Morchella
Natural Morchella

best natural tonic food, Nutrions: Vitamins,proteins and aminoacid,etc; 250g/box; 36 months of shelf life;

  Morchella esculenta is rare natural tonic food in China. It is full of nutrition, including energy, proteins, fat, dietary fiber, vitamins,  carotenoids, Ca, aminoacids, minerals, etc.

Morchella with inhibition of tumor polysaccharides, antibacterial, antiviral active ingredients, with enhanced immunity, anti-fatigue, anti-virus, inhibit tumor, and many other role;

Morchella contained selenium-rich red blood cells the body composition of glutathione peroxidase, can transport a large number of oxygen molecules to inhibit cancer, so that inactivation in cancer cells; the other hand, can enhance the antioxidant effect of vitamin E. Antioxidant effects of selenium on behalf of carcinogens can change direction, and through a combination of the toxin, thereby reducing or eliminating the risk of cancer.

MorchellaSince ancient times is the mountain delicacies kn goods offerings, ranks in the top four wild name bacterium price is the most expensive one wild fungus.


Appropriate crowdThe general population are edible, the most suitable for the elderly, impotence, premature ejaculation, sexual hypoplasia, sexuality cheerless person, women, mental workers edible. Dietotherapy role should be increased to basic information bar, Need to add introduction, Outlines need to insert the pictures, Overview pictures must have caption, The blackleg sex flat, taste cold, non-toxic; gedaliah Beneficial stomach, helping digestion, phlegm, regulating qi, kidney strong sun, brain and refresh mind, it also has vti, prevent colds, enhance human immunity effect.

Natural Morchella

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