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Organic Barley Grass Powder 200 mesh(barley young leaf powder)
Organic Barley Grass Powder 200 mesh(barley young leaf powder)

1.The powder is viridis powder 2.It is derived from barley tender leaf

1. Introduction of organic barley grass powder:

The powder is viridis powder, derived from barley tender leaf which through the microwave drying and low temperature air current smashing. The young barley plant contains rich and balanced nutrition elements, such as plant protein, chlorophyll, prandial fibre and so forth. Furthermore, it's also composed of biological active substances such as Superoxide Dismutase (SOD) which has active effects on enhancing immunity, anti-aging, anti-fatigue and promoting microcirculation.2. Comparison of nutrition ingredients with other fruits and vegetables:

The young barley leaves powder, which is processed with techniques of microwave dehydration and low temperature airflow comminution, contains much mineral and Vitamin than other fruits and vegetables. For instance:Potassium content 25 times bananaCalcium 10 times milkIron 5 times spinachMagnesium 6 times wheat flourIn addition, it also contains the microelement of zinc which couldn't be found in other foods.Regarding Vitamin content,VitarminB1 16 times tomatoVitamin B2 45 times LettuceVitamin C 7 times OrangeVitamin E 20 times wheat flourFolacin 8 times Spinach3. Introduction of barley chlorophyll:

The organic young barley leaves powder is rich in barley chlorophyll which could effectively eliminate the harm of chemical antiseptics in food and body waste. It also has the functions of decrease inflammation, detoxification, anti-cancer, deodorization and getting ride of body waste. The abundant content of mineral and alkaline substances in barley chlorophyll may help to accommodate the balance of acid and alkali in human bodies.4. Health guard: Prandial fibre:

Prandial fibre has close relationship with cardio-cerebral vascular diseases, diabetes, high cholesterol and other chronic diseases. Prandial fibre is indispensable in human bodies, especially in digesting system's physiological function is unreplaceable, may protect the humanity to avoid many kinds of vigorous sickness violations. So it's also called "The seventh nutrition element".5. Introduction of Superoxide Dismutase (SOD):

Superoxide Dismutase (SOD) is a kind of bioactive protein and the most important key enzyme among the substances of preventing diseases and anti-aging. It plays a positive role in enhancing immunity regulation, anti-aging, anti-fatigue and promoting microcirculation.

Organic Barley Grass Powder 200 mesh(barley young leaf powder)

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