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Plastic blind drain
Plastic blind drain

high anti-pressure


1) High pressure resistance strength

The plastic blind ditch is made of many plastic fibers through fusion, which can’t be broken and damaged by pressure. Under 250kpa pressure, the interspace rate of the section can keep above 60%. Even though under greater pressure, there still be a spacing of 10-15% for drainage and its reversion ability is good.

 2) High hole opening rate in surface

Good water collection and drain feature The hole opening rate in plastic blind ditch’s surface is up to 90-95% which is above other similar products. It can effectively collect water in soil and drain the water off.

 3)Permanent using life

The plastic blind ditch is composed by sieve membrane made of fiber with good erosion resistance, and tri-dimensional reticulation made of polyethylene. These materials will not decompose in soil and water. We also add aging-resistance agent, so the material can keep its original characters.

 4)The sieve membrane is selective

The sieve membrane can be selected pursuant to different soils and meet all kinds of requirements of project. So it can avoid old products using the same kind of sieve membrane.

 5)Easy for construction

The plastic blind ditch is light so it is easy for construction and the efficiency is good.

 6) Good flexibility and adaptable to the earth distortion  

.Engineering Applications

1) Drainage for roadbed and road shoulder of highway, railway.

2) Drainage for wall back

3) Drainage for tunnel and underground channel.

4) Drainage for slope of hill and bank .

5) Horizontal drainage for soft bed disposal.

6) Drainage for green field of sport field, golf course, airport, and park.

7) Drainage for coal piling field, garbage burying field, and fertilizer piling field.

8) As the drainage liner for pressure relief method.

9) As the underground drain system for faming and garden .

10) Drainage for roof garden.

11) As the sieve material for wasted water processing.

Plastic blind drain

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