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Full digital microdisplay
Full digital microdisplay

1,Full digital microdisplay 2,High quality 3,For near-to-eye applications

OLiGHTEK is the biggest manufacturer of full digital microdisplay in China with the annual production of more than 450,000 panels. Our high quality SVGA5050V1 for near-to-eye applications are shipped to many customers worldwide. Due to the unique OLED characters, OLiGHTEK is preparing to develop 0.6inch,0.97inch OLED  displays  in  near coming  days.

Current  product

0.5”   (SVGA050)

SVGA800×600 Series

Coming out soon

0.6”   (SVGA060)

0.97”  (SVGA097)

0.77”  (SVGA077)

SXGA1280×1024 Series

Future  production  plan  Full  HD


SVGA050 is a 0.5 inch AMOLED microdisplay which has SVGA (800*600) resolution. The product series comprise full color, mono white, mono green and mono red display. Full digital video signal process and 804*3*604 driver units are integrated on the silicon substrate which is fabricated in 0.18μm CMOS technology. Input video signal is compatible with ITU-R BT.601/656 standard and supports 8/16/24 bit video format. The display mode, direction, position, brightness, contrast, R/G/B offset and gamma correction can be controlled by a 2-wire serial interface. I/O level is compatible with 1.8~3.3V CMOS standard. SVGA050 can be used in various near-to-eye systems.


0.18μm CMOS Si-Base AM-OLED 804*604 Total Pixels 8/16/24Bit Digital Video Interface Video Signal Enhancement Gamma Correction Support Binocular Stereovision H/V Direction & Position Adjustment  Embedded Temperature Sensor Integrated DC/DC Converter Built-in Test Patterns 2-Wire Serial Communication Interface

Technical Parameters

  Format:                                       800 (×3) × 600  Pixel Aspect Ratio:                      Square  Pixel Pitch:                                  12.6μm  Color Pixel Layout:                      Vertical RGB stripe Viewing Area:                              10.13mm × 7.61 mm  Gray Levels:                                8Bit / 256Levels  Typical Brightness:                      ≥ 100Cd/m2 Uniformity:                                    ≥ 92% Working Temperature:                 -40°C ~ +65°C  Video Signal Interface:                ITU-R BT.601/656 I/O Interface:                               1.8~3.3V CMOS Standard  Typical Power Consumption:       < 200mW Mechanical Envelope:                   22mm × 17mm  Weight:                                        ≤ 2g

Full digital microdisplay

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