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Various shaping machine
Various shaping machine

1.Good particle shape 2.Effectively improved the purity 3.Various functions 4.High purity of the particle surface

1.Working principleIt is composed of grinding system,dust-removing system and electric control system.the motor drive the central vertical shaft and makes the flying disk high-speed running,When the material passes through the flying disk, high-speed centrifugal movement is happened,the material can get energy of motion and jet with  high-speed,the jetted material is grinded in the impacting room.The continuous material completely comes into the high-speed rotating disk through the central passage,and fills the blind space under centrifugal force,the permanent material curved surface is formed.One side the curved surface can protect the flying disk against abrasion,on the other side the material can grind and crash with high-speed along the curved surface,and get into the impacting room. The material is strongly crash each other,at same time the material curved surface is formed, the crashed material flows down along with curved surface, and crash with the material by flying disk thrown for the second times, at last flows out along chamber.   Most of the material can be pulverized and shaped though twice or more times crashing,during this process it seldom touch with the machine,and so the final product has little iron pollution, and the purity of the raw material is kept to the most extent. The rotation speed of the flying disk is improved mostly, the flying disk passage has also adopted a special structure, to ensure the throwing speed of the material to reach 100m/s.2,Main Characteristics

(1)Good particle shape,no needlelike and flaky particle, no microcrack ,high hardness of single.

(2)High bulk density,high purity of the particle surface,due to self-crashing,no other mediums be mixed, Because of the wind selection function during the pulverizing process, the light or tiny impurity can be effectively removed, so effectively improved the purity.

(3)Low abrasion of the equipment, lower noise.Stable operation and longer service life of wearing parts.

(4)Low cost and high purity.

(5)Various functions,one machine has multifunction,some type adopt the technology of frequency control of motor speed and impeller classifying,more flexible to adjust and wide to apply.3,Application scopeThis equipment fulfills not only the demand of abrasives industry, and also is widely used in different industries, such as nonmetal minerals,fire-resistant materials, man-made sandmaking, glass,ceramics, cement and quartz.Now a series of products with different functions,variety and dimension have been successfully produced, they can be used for shaping, number changing, sand-making, powder-making, and can satisfy different demands of customers.The main variety includes: F400 Shaper, F500B Shaper,F500 Bamak Crude Mill, F700 Powder Maker, etc.The main characteristics of F Series powder Shaper: high purity, no abrasion for the machine, especially apply to process to hard material, such as carborundum, corundum, quartz, spinelle, aluminum, bauxite, olivine, magnesium sand, cinder.


F SERIES Crushing plastic machine  Technical Parameters



Feeding quantity

Feeding size

Installed power(kw)


























Various shaping machine

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