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Tourmaline powder (Used in Textile Industry)
Tourmaline powder (Used in Textile Industry)

tourmaline fiber enjoy the reputation of the singular fiber, which has antibacterial,deodorant, anti-static, improve blood circ

Tourmaline powder (Used in Textile Industry)

Main Content: 

SiO2     36.72

Na2O  1.90

B2O3   9.72

Al2O3: 31.08

K2O     0.48

Li2O    <0.008

Fe2O3  4.77

CaO      0.98

TiO2       0.76

Mg2O   8.71

Test results:The appearance: light gray powderContent ≥ 99.9%Particle size: 5umDensity: 1.9 ± 0.2g/mlRelease of ≥ 20 000 pcs/cm3Main composition : tourmaline 

Tourmaline Powder is one kind of silicate substance with aluminium, natrium, magnesium and lithium ring structure being of containing boron. It is of thermoelectricity and piexoelectricity. Due to the electric self-polarization of tourmaline, pzhaolarized energy comes from the change of temperature, the heat releasing coefficient is 10-74×10-6c.cm-2k-1. When the temperature and pressure changes (including micro change), then will cause potential difference (voltage). This kind of static voltage is up to 1 million electron volts and will accelerate surrounding air occur ionization. The electrons being shot down adhere close water and oxygen molecule, and make them transform into air negative ions (namely H3O2- and O32-), and make polarity ions in balance position oscillate, so that causes dipole square change to generate negative ions.


Tourmaline Powder can persistently release negative ions, emit far infrared ray and generate 0.06mA biological current. Hence it can purify air, accelerate the microcirculation of the body, adjust the balance of the body, resist bacterium and diminish inflammation, resist fatigue, soothe the nerves and quiet breath, and build up body health.

Health care materials for Textile

Tourmaline can produce Far Infrared Ray, far infrared ray can improve and prevent diseases caused by obstacle of blood circulation and microcirculation. In addition, tourmaline also have functions of deodorant, generates negative ions and anti-bacterial effect. Tourmaline powder been added to the fibers, number of fiber dynamic and static negative ions can reach 1500-3500 /cm3, therefore, tourmaline fiber enjoy the reputation of the singular fiber, which has antibacterial,deodorant, anti-static, improve blood circulation, anti magnetic, anti-moisture and other functions, is an important direction in the development of health and environmentally friendly textiles.

Tourmaline used in textile industry, can been used to produce environmental carbon cloth, ultrafine Tourmaline powder made into microfiber, can be made into of antimagnetic, moisture, thermal blankets, pad, anti-electromagnetic radiation shirt, vest, insoles, etc.

Tourmaline powder (Used in Textile Industry)

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