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infrared slimming blanket
infrared slimming blanket

Lint infrared slimming blanket 1.delivery on 15-25 working days 2.factory price 3.CE and FCC certificate

Lint infrared slimming blanket

Product Packaging Specifications Qty: 1 pcs / box Net Weight: 6KG GW: 7.2KG Carton size: 103*49*15cm Voltage: 110 ~ 220V Power: 700W

Function: 1, and clear the blood meridian, resolving body fat, 2, to detox, slimming purposes, 3, promote metabolism, enhance cell regeneration capacity,

What is the Far Infrared Ray (IR)?

Solar energy from the sun covers a broad energy ban including infrared, visible light, ultra-violet, x-rays and gamma rays. Only a small amount of these solar rays are visible as colors. The great amount of the sun's energy output is in the infrared segment of the spectrum. This band of light is not visible but can be felt as heat.

The infrared segment of that electromagnetic spectrum is divided into three segments by wave frequencies and wave lengths. Wavelengths are measured in microns (µ).

Near infrared : 0.75-1.5 µ

Middle infrared : 1.5-5.8 µ

Far infrared : 5.8-1000 µ

A narrow spectrum between 5.8 µ to 15 µ has been shown to have particularly beneficial effects on the human body.

How do the IR waves heat the body?

The method of heat transmission by IR is mainly based on radiation which transmits the heat directly to the substance. When IR is absorbed by and penetrates into the substance, it causes the molecular construction of the substance to vibrate fiercely and change to be thermal energy immediately, and the body temperature of substance ascends. This is the character that the substance is heated without help of hot air.

IR waves are not sensitive to the light or dark color, and it can penetrate and be absorbed by various colored substances with the same speed, and it is the safest radiant thermal energy.

This principle of heat transmission enables us to take a sauna at low temperature with much sweat.

The beneficial effects of IR

When any tissue is exposed to IR waves, whether radiated by sunlight or reflected by specially designed devices, there is a rapid increase in warmth which can be shown by a thermography. This heat activates the several other response mechanisms and stimulates the healing process. Many researches show that IR waves

increase blood circulation by promoting dilation of the miro-circulatory system of capillaries

reduce muscle spasms as muscle fibers are heated.

activate human metabolism

stimulate enzyme activity

reduce swelling and inflammation by improving lymph flow

reduce soreness through direct action on both free-nerve endings in tissues and on peripheral nerves

reduce toxins and harmful metals such as sodium, sulfuric acid, cholesterol, lead, mercury, nickel and cadmium by a every day sweat.

promote the adhesion and osmosis of water molecules across the cellular membrane.

attract calcium ions to the cellular membrane.

assist in weight control by burning calories.

Different temperature different function

30°C-35°C soothing and stimulating ,a relaxing mood ,sense of well-being.35°C-40°C for increased soothing effect &muscle relaxation.40°C-50°C as an adjunct to physical therapy,e.g. rheumatoid arthritis50°C-60°C for increase sweating via temperature.


a. Put the three-zone sauna blanket onto a beauty bed.b. Connected with the Three-zone sauna blanket host cable, then plug the host power supply. c. According to need to set reasonable time and temperature mode 1.Press the POWER key, short-ming soon as the host, host access to power status, red lighting. 2. Press the "TIME" to set the time required, the best time for 15 ~ 30 minutes. 3.Press "°C " to set the required temperature, it is recommended temperature is 45 ~ 65 °C 4. Press the "SELECT" key to set the different regions, such as: A region needed to heat, A digital display numbers next to the red zone lighting bright. 5. Press the "START" button, the machine began its work, "WORK" lights, digital display figures began to heat up, the digital display numbers next to the red lamps light flashes. d. Machines in the default time, it will stop working.f. after use, please unplug the power, using soft cloth to clean the blanket.Notes a.Take care of children, sick people with disabilities when use it.

b.Half an hour before meals or after meals more than half an hour later to usec.people to leave or long time do not use it  should pull plug, cut off the power. d.Do not use in places where there is water. e.Do not close to the electric cooker or high temperature places for use. f.Placed in a dry place, avoid moisture and direct sunlight. g.Use a soft cloth to clean it, avoid the use of strong cleaner.


infrared slimming blanket

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