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Best selling widen 36V Portable infrared sauna blanket (F-8116)
Best selling widen 36V Portable infrared sauna blanket (F-8116)

Electric slimming blanket 1.infrared heating blanket 2.make front&back of body to loss weight 3.OEM,CE approved 4.MOQ:50pcs

With CE approved 36V Electric slimming blanket F-8116

36v Three-zones sauna blanket F-8116

The body is separate from three parts. (Above body, lower body and waist)This product is making these three parts of body to loss weight separately. It can set up time and temperature.

Principle Three-zone sauna slimming blanket is a blanket-shaped lose weight machines, use the principle of electrical energy into heat makes the body sweat. It uses a unique detachable three-zone design, according to the different needs of the user upper body, thin waist and lower body weight loss. Three-zone independent temperature control and protection devices, while the introduction of enhanced waterproof design. Three-zone melting fat blanket features: Digital significant warm, safe and practical easy to operate, save space 

Product Packaging Specifications 

 Packing Color box: 48 * 12 * 120cm Qty: 1 pcs / box Net Weight: 7.5KG GW: 8.8KG Carton size: 48 * 12 * 120cm Voltage: 110 ~ 220V Power: 660W

Functions a. beauty - to promote blood circulation, accelerate metabolism, increase muscle nutrients can also be activated cells, and expel heavy metals and toxins. b. slimming and weight loss - can accelerate the metabolism, thereby promoting rapid decomposition of fat cells; quick weight-loss Trilogy: loose fat fast burn fat, release of fat, so as to achieve weight loss, the effect of thin ideal. c. Body - with appropriate skin care products can reach whitening products skin quickly absorbs the nutritional essence, so that nutritional products more easily penetrate into the inner layer of skin, increase flexibility, gloss, delicate skin, such as improving the quality of the snow-white effect, to play the best efficacy of the product. d. health care - can improve insomnia, constipation, endocrine disorders, arthritis and other diseases, the lifting muscle soreness fatigue, enhancing human immunity.


A. Put the three-zone sauna blanket onto a beauty bed.B. Connected with the Three-zone sauna blanket host cable, then plug the host power supply. C. According to need to set reasonable time and temperature mode 1.Press the POWER key, short-ring from the main machine, machine access to power status, red lighting. 2. Press the "TIME " to set the time required, the best time for 15 ~ 30 minutes. 3.Press "°C " to set the required temperature, it is recommended temperature is 45 ~ 65 °C 4. Press the "SELECT" key to set the different regions, such as: A region needed to heat, A digital display numbers next to the red zone lighting bright. 5. Press the "START" button, the machine began its work, "WORK" lights, digital display figures began to heat up, the digital display numbers next to the red lamps light flashes. D. Machines in the default time, it will stop working.

E. after use, please unplug the power, using soft cloth to clean the blanket.

Notes a. Take care of children, sick people with disabilities when use it.

b. Half an hour before meals or after meals more than half an hour later to usec. people to leave or long time do not use it  should pull plug, cut off the power. d. Do not use in places where there is water. e. Do not close to the electric cooker or high temperature places for use. f. Placed in a dry place, avoid moisture and direct sunlight. g. Use a soft cloth to clean it, avoid the use of strong cleaner.

 Far infrared rayFar red line the physiological effects of radiation on the human body and physical electronic technology crystallization of the wisdom of creation. The infrared part of electromagnetic waves in a kind of scientific research shows that the human body is truly good for solar energy accounted for 60% of the non-visible infrared light is both a wavelength at 0.75 - 1000um of electromagnetic radiation waves, while the far-infrared alone refers to wavelength of 3 - 1000um between the infrared light, modern scientific research to prove the human body itself is an infrared light emitter, but also an infrared light absorber. Body's absorption of infrared light of three peak points, roughly in the wavelength 1.2,5.6,9.8 um. Far infrared therapy heat pad set up in the product within the far-infrared radiation source, and using coated with trace elements, with a special manufacturing process of far-infrared radiation pad, emission wavelength in the 3 - 15um far infrared light, the wavelength of 0.97 - 1.8um harmful to the human eye is far infrared light filtered, so that light can be fully absorbed, the human body, through the skin, joints directly to resonance and human cells, the cells produce a large number of warm resonance resonance stimulation. Optical depth of the human body massage can promote blood circulation, regulate internal organs and promoting metabolism and other functions so as to achieve prevention of diseases, beauty, weight loss and other effects.

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Best selling widen 36V Portable infrared sauna blanket (F-8116)

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