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bed bed,safe passed tests EN12790-2009,ASTM F2088-2009 price competitive good quality


 Characters:1.This electric cradle swing is  developed and produced  by our company ourselves,the electric part is the most advanced technology in electric baby swing field,with characters of little noise,durable working time,good stability,and electric power saving.   There are five swing speeds and three seat position in this swing.

2.The removable toys are designed very scientific,big toys can rocked 360 degress while the six small toys can rock up and down,also the toys bar can be adjusted to the right side to release the space of the baby.there are lamps in the toys bar which can shining when the toys are mobiling,which can creat good visual stimulation to the baby.3.The seat is designed very suitable,the swing with baby can rock from front to back,from left to right after adjusting the seat direction.The seat is wide and the depth is suitable,which can improve the seat pad uncomfortable sitiuation in old products when a baby is seated in the swing.4. Having USB plug  to  change  musics/tunes with volume control to soothe and entertain baby. There are water sound,tweedle and lullabies in the swing itself. 5. 8-mins,15-mins,30-mins time settings.5 swing speeds6. 5-point restraint harness keeps baby secure. 7.Machine wash,comfortable,detachable cloth seat pad.8. Easily folds for storage and travel.9.Requires 4 "D" batteries,work duration up to 50 hours when all the functions are working.10.There is Adapter plug in the swing which allows AC/DC Adapter 11.Recommended for children less than 9 kgs,from birth to 6  months.

Functions:1.Swing function:Five swing speeds available.The indicator lamp will light once press the swing starting and speed adding button which means the first grade has started,the following the indicator lamps will light one after one while the swing speeds will be bigger and bigger until  the biggest eveytime you press the button.    The indicator lamps will be closed one after one while the swing speed will be more and more slow after pressing the swing stopping and speed reducing button  untill the swing stopped and all the lamped are turned off. 2.There are three time setting available, press the first time one indicator lamp lights for eight minutes,press,press the second time two lamps light for fifteen minutes,press the third time three lamps light for 30 minutes,all the functions will stop once the setted time reach,then the swing will turn to rest sitiuation to save electric. If don’t start time setting functions,all other functions started will continue working untill power off.3.Music button:press one time to start the music, and the second  time to stop the music.4. Music control button,it will turn to the next songs everytime you press the button.Continue to press this button can adjust the volume bigger or lower circularlyPress the start  button after connecting  the moving disk storing MP3 to the USB plug,the swing system will read the MP3 songs in the moving disk automaticly.5.Tweedle button,the tweedle will start when press the button for one time,the second time it will stop. 6.Watersound button, the water sound  will start when press the button for one time,the second time it will stop. 7.Toys control  button,  the toys start turning when pressing the button the first time,the toys lamp don’t light,the toys will stop turning and the toys lamp shine when press the button the second time.Then the third time when pressing the button, the toys will start turning while the toys lamps light.8.Power button,Turn button to the left to connect the  power,and turn to the right to cut offer the power.


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