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Small Ozone Generator
Small Ozone Generator

1.factory 2.GMP standard 3.applied for food and pharmaceutical industry 4.Antivirus area:10-100 m2 5.generate ozone:1KGmax

10g Ozone Generator

1.How does it work?

Once generalted,Ozone has a very short life span ( about 20min.),because one oxygen atom is very eager to break away from the semi-unstable bond and reacts with any oxidizable compound (organic or inorganic ) that it comes in contact with. The atom breaks the cell membranes o bacteria and protein shells of viruses,directly destroying its RNA and DNA.As a result,the particle will no longer be toxic,and will no longer be able to reproduce if it is biological.When the signle oxygen molecule oxidizes the particle,it is also destoryed;leaving behind O2 Pure Oxygen



(1).Water Treatment

Ozone can effectively kill the bacteria and virus; can remove the origanic impurities in the water.It can remove odor and be used as bleaching agent too.

Chlorine is widely used in water treatment practice,which will generate harmful substances like chlorform in the process of treating water. But ozone will not.,And ozone is mote germicidal than chlorine.It has been widely used in the USA and EU.


 Ozone can break into the link of organics to combine new compounds.It is widely used as oxidant in the industries,petrol ,papermaking and pharmacy.

(3).Food Industry

Because ozone is a safe ,powerful disinfectant,it can be used to control biological growth of unwanted organisms in products and equipment used in the food processing industries.Ozone is particularly suited to the food industry because of its ability to disinfect microorganisms without adding chemical by-products to the food being treated,or to the food processing water or atmosphere in which food are stored.

In aqueous solutions,ozone can be used to disinfect equipment,process water,and some foodstuff.In gasous form,ozone can act as a preservativfor certain foods products and can also santize food packaging materials.Some products currently being preseved with ozone include eggs during cold storage,fresh fruits and vegetables,and fresh fish.


Ozone has been used in hospitals and clinics as disinfectant in China.In Germany and other develop coutries ozone has been used in therapy.And it is more germicidal than formalin,caidum peroxyaceticum and potassium permanganate.



1. Ozone generator is a patent technological product which adopts the patent technology from Tsinghua University.


2.Its function is stable and reliable and easy to use. Besides, it has good effect of sterilization without second pollution.


3.It chooses oxygen as gas source, so the concentration of ozone is high and will not produce nitrogen-oxygen compound.


4.It adopts way of water refrigeration so that it can make sure the stability of produced ozone's concentration.



Small Ozone Generator

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