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(CE) 2012 Multifunctional Cryotherapy Cool Sculpting Cavitation Cryolipolysis Beauty Equipment
(CE) 2012 Multifunctional Cryotherapy Cool Sculpting Cavitation Cryolipolysis Beauty Equipment

cavitation cryolipolysis cryotherapy coolsculpting equipment OEM&ODM;CE certification Skin care,weight loss,shape sculptor

(CE) 2012 Multifunctional Cryotherapy

Cool Sculpting Cavitation Cryolipolysis Beauty Equipment


 model name:Cool Sculpting V9

cryo-cavitation technology&32Khz cavitation & multiple function pioneer

good result for weight loss &skin care&body sculptor



A international design and sales company of a collection of independent research and development,

production and sales as one. 


function and features

1.reduce the cellulite and fat,result in slimming and body contouring.

2.increase the elasticity of skin,prevent derma and skin from becoming lax.

3.activate dermal cells with skin rejuvenation .

4.improve lymphatic system and blood circulation ,increase metabolism.

product exhibition

Once again,HEMS achieves the most innovative development of the Aesthetics world cooperating with an authoritative

R&D Center in South Korea . It is an ergonomic,modern and technological equipment approved by world market

because in combination with different advanced beauty therapies perfectly. 



-advanced "32KKHz cavitation”,lower frequency better result


-vacuum cavitation"absords subcuticular fat tissue fully,

burning and exploding the fat cells smoothly and efficiently

-“Vacuum technology” assist in improving other therapies' 

treatment effect.meanwhile,the vacuum liposuction play 

an important role in weight loss

- integrated cavi transducer will neither break off nor be deformed for a permanent use

-“vacuum cryolipolysis" therapy with technological " complicated 

fans and diploid water tanks"system  with min -5°Ccauses fat 

cells to crystallize, fat layer reduce after treatment immediately.

-"electrophoresis"can penetrate to 5CM under the skin. 

It activates the connective tissues and help to tone the skin 

and eliminate toxins.

-"electroporation&electrophoresis" help the skin to absord to 99% of cosmetic product.(gels and solution)

-Cryoelectrophoresis is the best and fast slimming technology

 with a set of quality “circular integration of fans and diploid 

water tanks “ all over the world invented by the authoritative

 R&D Center in South Korea

-suitable for middle-area such as shank,arm and so on

-Cryoelectrophoresis is the best and fast slimming technology

 with a set of quality “circular integration of fans and diploid 

water tanks “all over the world invented by the authoritative

 R&D Center in South Korea

-Suitable for large_area such as abdomen,buttock,back and

 so on. 

-10MHz Multi-polar RF optimize skin rejuvenation and lift 

after treatment immediately.

-Perfect effect for skin tightening,whitening,lifting and 


-10MHz multi-polar RF is the top therapy in aesthetic trade for 

not only skin lifting and rejuvenation,but also slimming and 

shape sculpting.

-Perfect effect for skin tightening,whitening,lifting and rejuvenation.

-Good result for weight loss and cellulite reduction.

Antifreeze Membrane 

remark: Antifreeze Membrane provided to avoid skin demage.

10 pieces of antifreeze membrane will be sent for free.

working therapy

how the fat cells eliminates under the guidance of  " Cool Sculpting V9 "

cryolipolysis +vacuum effect for fat loss

outstanding advantage of "Cool Sculpting V9"

1.The highest cost-effective! it combines cryolipolysis, cryoelectrophoresis,32KHz cavitation,10MHz RF,vacumm liposuction,

photon technology into one machine, so that you could get several machines' function from this one machine,  save your cost 

mostly but make profit easily !Authenticated,the treatment is efficient,fast and noninvasive. 

2.Our company has a cooperation manufacturing factory in China and a authoritative R&D Center in Korea. Beauty and noble 

outside look of products gain a worldwide popularity. Advanced multiple beauty therapies are the highlights and focus to salon 

and individual buyers. 

3.Low frequency 32Khz cavitation refers to our products is more efficient than other cavitation technology of higher frequency, 

because 32Khz cavitation can make fat cells exposed to a pressure that breaks their membranes easily , unleashing the

destruction of adipose deposit ,burning and exploding fat cell,.The result of cavitation is the emulsification of the lipo content 

and reduction of fat layer.

4.The radiofrequency is a non-invasive technology oriented to skin rejuvenation,offsetting the cutaneous acidity and better the 

quality of the skin.

5.Cryolipolysis technology with a set of quality “circular integration of fans and diploid water tanks “,causing the fat to crystallize.

20%-25% of the fat cells died and dissolve over the treatment process

6.Cryoelectrophoresis can penetrate to 5CM under the skin. It activates the connective tissues and help to tone the skin and 

eliminate toxins. And it also can deliver 80%-90% of the active ingredient to the deep skin layer.

7. Photon senility-resisting,anti-allergic introducing nutrition, tighten skin, degreasing, improving skin, activating cell, reducing 

inflammation, accelerating cell reproduction and cell membrane reproduction, whiten the skin, reducing spot and melanin

8. Vacuum deeply makes the skin clean and remove the acne. It works to suction out the deeply embedded dirt, grease and other 


It assists in other beauty therapies such as cavitation,RF,cryoeletrophoresis and so on optimizing treatment result.  

photos for treatment process


Technical Specification

Operative LCD Interface

8 inch TFT True Color LCD touch screen

Cavitation frequency32KHz

Cavitation Max Power

max 300W

Laser wavelength/type

650nm/semiconductor laser

Laser energy output

0-100J/cm2 (adjustable)

Laser power


Cooling system

Dual Air and Close Water Circulation,  optimal transducer head with semiconductor, 

cooling temperature adjustable

Cryo temperature 

Min -10 degree to 7 degree setting

cryo modes

5 modes for adjustment

Electrophoresis frequency


Wave form

1 mode of  Galvanic Current 7 mode of  Faradic Current

Vacuum Pressure

1000 kpa





Electrical supply 





Minimum Order Quantity

1 unit/units CE

Payment Terms

T/T,Western Union,MoneyGraml

Supply Ability

300 unit/units per Month OEM


About our assessment (Alibaba.com Assessed Supplier)


CE certification of "Cool Sculpting V9"

our company :HERMES

Guangzhou HEMS Technology Co., Ltd is a beauty equipment design and sales company. Our key beauty equipment technology: Cryolipolysis body sculpting, Ultrasound cavitation liposuction, Derma Vacuum lymph drainage, Multi-polar Radio Frequency Sculpting, Diode Laser, Skin Dermabrasion peeling, oxygen therapy and other basic functions.

Our company has a cooperation manufacturing factory in China and a authoritative R&D Center in Korea.

OEM and ODM services are offered !Factory tour is always warmly welcomed ! 

Packing Material:

inside:high quality pe foamoutside:good honeycomb carton

our promise

1 year warranty with professional engineer support.

Within 1 year ,Supply spare parts for free if the machine has quality problem

Delivery detail: 5 to 12 working days after payment or 30% deposit

If you are interested in our products,please feel free to contact me .

(CE) 2012 Multifunctional Cryotherapy Cool Sculpting Cavitation Cryolipolysis Beauty Equipment

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