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High quality drill bit for concrete/marble/granite etc
High quality drill bit for concrete/marble/granite etc

Drill bit: used to create cylindrical holes, these are easy to rotate while making holes with diamond segment. More efficiency.

                            High quality drill bit for concrete/marble/granite etc


1. For drilling granite, marble, porcelain, brick and concrete.

2. Precise and aggressive drilling.

3. High efficiency, low waste of stone.

4. Customized size available.

Outer DiameterBody lengthSize of slotSlot Qty



25mm1"350/400/45012x10x3.041.85/8-11/ M14/shankWet Cut
30mm1-1/5"350/400/45015x10x3.041.85/8-11/ M14/shankWet Cut
35mm1-3/8"350/400/45015x10x3.041.85/8-11/ M14/shankWet Cut
40mm1-3/5"350/400/45024x10x3.541.85/8-11/ M14/shankWet Cut
45mm1-3/4"350/400/45024x10x3.551.85/8-11/ M14/shankWet Cut
50mm2"350/400/45024x10x3.551.85/8-11/ M14/shankWet Cut
56mm2-1/5"350/400/45024x10x3.561.85/8-11/ M14/shankWet Cut
60mm2 2/5"350/400/45024x10x3.561.85/8-11/ M14/shankWet Cut
66mm2 3/5"350/400/45024x10x3.561.85/8-11/ M14/shankWet Cut
70mm2 3/4"350/400/45024x10x3.5725/8-11/ M14/shankWet Cut
76mm3"350/400/45024x10x3.5725/8-11/ M14/shankWet Cut
80mm3-3/20"350/400/45024x10x3.5725/8-11/ M14/shankWet Cut
86mm3-2/5"350/400/45024x10x3.5825/8-11/ M14/shankWet Cut
90mm3-11/20"350/400/45024x10x3.5825/8-11/ M14/shankWet Cut
101mm4"350/400/45024x10x3.5925/8-11/ M14/shankWet Cut
107mm4-1/5"350/400/45024x10x3.5925/8-11/ M14/shankWet Cut
112mm4-2/5"350/400/45024x10x3.51025/8-11/ M14/shankWet Cut
122mm4-4/5"350/400/45024x10x3.51025/8-11/ M14/shankWet Cut
132mm5-1/5"350/400/45024x10x3.51125/8-11/ M14/shankWet Cut
143mm5-5/8"350/400/45024x10x3.51125/8-11/ M14/shankWet Cut
152mm6"350/400/45024x10x4.01225/8-11/ M14/shankWet Cut
158mm6-1/5"350/400/45024x10x4.0122.45/8-11/ M14/shankWet Cut
161mm6-7/20"350/400/45024x10x4.0122.45/8-11/ M14/shankWet Cut
171mm6-3/4"350/400/45024x10x4.5132.45/8-11/ M14/shankWet Cut
181mm7-1/8"350/400/45024x10x4.5142.45/8-11/ M14/shankWet Cut
200mm7-7/8"350/400/45024x10x4.5152.45/8-11/ M14/shankWet Cut
218mm8-3/5"350/400/45024x10x4.5162.75/8-11/ M14/shankWet Cut
225mm8-7/8"350/400/45024x10x4.5162.75/8-11/ M14/shankWet Cut
250mm9-17/20"350/400/45024x10x5.0172.75/8-11/ M14/shankWet Cut
270mm10-5/8"350/400/45024x10x5.0192.75/8-11/ M14/shankWet Cut
300mm11-4/5"350/400/45024x10x5.02135/8-11/ M14/shankWet Cut
320mm12-3/5"350/400/45024x10x5.02335/8-11/ M14/shankWet Cut
350mm13-4/5"350/400/45024x10x5.02335/8-11/ M14/shankWet Cut

Company Profile:


 1,We have more than 20years researching and producing experience, independent warehouse and workshop, 5 big different departments work together, friendship and team spirit make us into one whole team. High efficient and close cooperation relation is our Huazuan Diamond Tool Co.,Ltd.




2,Our company specializes in manufacturing diamond cutting tools, diamond drilling tools and diamond grinding tools for construction industry.




3,The products are increasingly used in processing hard materials, such as marbles, granites and concretes.  Quality of our products is at the internationally leading level.




4,Ultrathin multi-blades for marble cutting are superior and have been sold to Southeast Asia, the Middle East and European countries, and the excellent performance has won great acclaims from customers.

Contact us:


Website: www.huazuantool.com



High quality drill bit for concrete/marble/granite etc

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