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Bench CNC cutting machine
Bench CNC cutting machine

Bench CNC plasma cutting machine 1. Width:1.5m,length:3m(can be lengthened); 2. can configurate both flame&plasma cutting.

Bench CNC cutting machine  YUKUN-12

This model is table-gantry structure,autoignition; linear guide,dual drive.It can cut any figure on various metal plate, Capacitive or Arc voltage height controller device can be configurated for flame/plasma/flame&plasma.

Main Technical Parametersspan:2.5m,3m(+0.5m/side)effective cutting width:1.9m,2.4m (+0.5m/ side)lognitudinal length:3m,4m(+0.5m/side)effective cutting length: 2.2m,3.2m(+0.5m/ side)flame cutting torch 1 setflame cutting thickness:6-80mmplasma cutting torch 1 setplasma cutting thickness depend on plasma sourceMoving Precision 0.01mm/stepCutting Speed:0-3500mm/min drive mode dual driveCutting torch Elevation Height:0-230mm

Features1. beam:square tube butt welding struture,excellent rigidity,high presision,lingth weight,samll inertia.Prevent deformations effectvely;2. transversal&lognitudinal drive: precision gear rack(7 grade precision)transmission. Transversal rail : linear guide imported from Taiwan, lognitudinal rail: precision machined special rail & Planet reducer to assure stable running,high presision,durable in use, clean and beautiful.3. lognitudinal drive rack(endframe): horizontal orientated wheel at both ends,which can adjust the puddlability between eccentric wheel and rail, to assure the stablility.With dust catcher,can clean dust on rail. 4. drive syetem:Chinese step driver,can also configurate Japan Panasonic AC servo motor/ ChineseC servo motor. 5. THC using aluminium alloy structure,linear guide track-oriented,ball screw lift;6. easy automatic programming syetem;7. self-developed CNC system with top stability and antijamming capability.

Technical Indexes1. Cutting shape: can cut any flat shape steel-metal part composed by line&arc;2. Cutting precision: national standard JB/T10045.3-99;3. Span: standard:2.5m/3m, + 0.5m/section:4. Rail length: standard:3m/4m, +0.5m/section:5. Drive mode: dual drive;6. Torch: standard 1 set(flame/plasma), torch quantity can be tailored;7. Cutting thickness:  flame:maximum:200mm,plasma: depends on plasma source:8. Ignition&THC: autoignition,Electric torch height controller,Capacitive height control leror Arc voltage height controller can also be configurated;9. CNC syetem: self-developed, easy-to-use, reliable performance; Beijingstart CNC system,SJTU-CNC system, Hyperthem CNC system to choose10. NC Programming: full-automatic graphical programming software based on AutoCAD;11. cutting gas: oxygen+acetylene/propane;Accessories:single cutting torch,powder marker,ball pen/pencil marker

Bench CNC cutting machine

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