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High-end Configuration Gantry CNC frame Cutting Machine
High-end Configuration Gantry CNC frame Cutting Machine

Gantry CNC flame,plasma cutting machine 1.transversal span :3m,4m,5m,6m,7m,8m 2.carbon steel,stainless steel High-end Configuration Gantry CNC frame Cutting Machine

Shape as shown. This type of cutting machine as the gantry-type structure, horizontal span of a 3m, 4m, 5m, 6m, 7m, 8m and other specifications are subject to the industrial computer control system, bilateral servo-driven, stable operation, configuration is good, high efficiency, can be used for a variety of carbon steel, manganese steel, stainless steel and other metal materials, large, medium and small steel plate material. Can also be configured according to user requirements over the cutting torch, or configured as profiled cutting and straight cutting of dual-use cut, the other alternative distribution perchance Plasma automatic adjusting system.

rail distance: 4000mm  Effective cutting width: 3200mm Rail Length: 6000mm  Effective cutting length: 4800mm Flame cutting torch: a set Flame cutting thickness: 6-200mm Plasma cutting torch: a set Plasma cutting thickness: depending on the plasma power Moving Accuracy: 0.01mm/step Machine speed: 0-3500mm/min Drive mode: bilateral driver automatical THC: 0-170mm

Product Features1.Beams: Using square pipe welded structure, with good rigidity, high precision, light weight, inertia of small features. All pieces are vibration welded to the stress of dealing with aging, effectively preventing structural deformation; 2. Vertical and horizontal drive: adopt precision rack and pinion (7 precision) transmission. Horizontal rail using Taiwan´s imported linear guide, vertical rails (48kg / m) is made of precision machining characteristics of rail to ensure the smooth operation of the cutting machine, high precision and durable, clean and beautiful; deceleration using the German imported reducer, you can guarantee perfect balance of precision and degree of movement; 3. Longitudinal drive frame (side frame): the level at both ends with guide wheel, adjustable eccentric wheel drive frame to the rails at the bottom of the compaction level, making the whole machine in motion to maintain a stable orientation. Equipped with a dust collector to keep scraping the surface of the rail sweep accumulated debris; 4. Drive system for the world´s top products - the import of Japanese Panasonic AC servo drive / servo drives made, so that machine run more smoothly, speed, speed is broader acceleration time short; 5. Lift aluminum body structure, movements-oriented linear guides, ball screws used to enhance lift upgrading; 6. Easy to use automatic programming system to make NC programming is no longer complex, easy; 7. CNC control system uses self-developed control system, with the current stability of the country´s most excellent and superior anti-jamming capability.

Main Technical Specifications 1. Cutting Shape: Programmable cutting straight line and arc composed of arbitrary planar shapes steel parts; 2. Cutting precision: National Institute of Standards JB/T10045.3-99; 3. Cutting width: 4m, 5m, 6m and other standard options; 4. Rail length: Standard 6 meters can also be customized according to user requirements lengthening; 5. Driven approach: bilateral drive; 6. Cutting torch configurations: a standard, optional flame or plasma cutting torch can also be customized according to user needs; 7. Cutting thickness: maximum flame cutting 200mm, depending on the thickness of the plasma cutting the size of the selected power supply; 8. Ignition raised: automatic ignition, electric increase, according to user requirements, or optional capacitive type automatic arc voltage increases; 9. Numerical Control System: In order to self-developed control system, easy to use, stable performance; according to user requirements can choose Beijing Stuart 2000 or 3000 system, import-based system, the United States Kaiho, FastCNC CNC system. 10. NC Programming: Based on AutoCAD automatic graphical programming software; 11. Cutting gas: Oxygen + acetylene or propane.

High-end Configuration Gantry CNC frame Cutting Machine

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